New post! :)

*Song playing – LORELEY by L’Arc~en~Ciel

Alas, a new blog post! I’ve been wanting to write for sometime now but haven’t got the time to do so. Summer vacation started last March 18 and then two days from now, I’ll be enrolling for summer internship. So in short, I only have two good days to spend before haggard days begin.

First of all, I want to apologize to those who are still asking for links of Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop. Unfortunately, I lost interest in following that novel so I don’t have the links anymore (had them deleted) and honestly, as much as I love Gundam Wing, I lost the drive to follow FT.

What else? This will just be just drabbles of how my past weeks went. It’s frustrating that I also haven’t uploaded/shared any download links yet.

Where to start? Oh yeah, let me start off by sharing that I saw Super Junior for the second time when they came here in the Philippines for Super Show 3.  *Song Playing: Moto – BoA*  Anyhoo, I’ll write a separate post on that someday, accompanied with photos and fancams that I took.

Other than, I have been busy with school stuff  and I hated it a lot. I can’t even recall how much I hated school before this. No, it’s not about the stress and how I’ve been busy since I managed to do all of my school works while fangirling. It’s just that there came a time when I just want everything to end and let every suffering and tears to go away. No, I am not suicidal. There were just some things happened that were just out of our control.  I remember crying everyday because of it. But hey I’m back to my normal happy self now. And may this stay for long. *Song playing: Love song – Ayumi Hamasaki*

*Song playing: Atlantis Princess – BoA*

So summer break came! I’m finally back in the main city, my home. I went out with friends and I’ve never felt so refreshed. Sadly, it’s almost about to come to an end. I’m going back to my school. I’m going back to the place that had me so depressed for the whole year, particularly this previous semester. A school is said to be your second home. Why don’t I feel that my school is a home?

Anyhoo, enough of my ranting. Time to move on and keep praying that this summer term and the next semesters will be so much better than the previous ones.

*Song playing – LOVE ~refrain~ – Ayumi Hamasaki*

Because of summer break, I managed to catch up with the latest Japanese entertainment news. I backread 30+ pages of Japanese news having been on a hiatus for two weeks. I still haven’t updated myself on Korea and Taiwan yet, but I’m getting there.

Anyhoo, so I’ve been rewatching Gundam Wing and also began watching Gundam SEED and Gundam After War. I’m also active in writing fanfictions again and reading manga. Just before writing this, I finished watching Kaichou wa Maid-sama at last! It gave me that love love feeling again so I reread the manga and tried to read the new chapters continuing where I left off. I was glad that I was not THAT outdated with the manga so yey for me! 🙂

What else? Oh, I got a PSP 3000 as an omiyage of my mom. She also bought UMDs for me, which are Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Final Fantasy Dissidia, Final Fantasy, Tekken 6, and Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 Duodecim. 🙂  I’m currently playing Crisis Core. *Song playing: White Feathers – L’Arc~en~Ciel*  I’ll also write a separate post on CC maybe tomorrow. If only I had played this BEFORE Final Fantasy VII EIGHT YEARS AGO, I would have labelled FF7 as my favorite game of all time and not FF8. :p  Zack x Aerith FTW!!! ^^

Have you guys also heard of the tragedy in Japan? Of course, yes. Who wouldn’t? I’ll also write a separate blog post on that. I just want to mention, since I’m deeply concerned about it as a Japan enthusiast. I love Japan. I love the Japanese so I can’t help but tear up whenever I read or hear anything about what struck my favorite country besides my own.

Let’s all keep praying for the best. Let us pray not only for ourselves, our family, Japan, but for everyone. 🙂

Good day, everyone! ^_^


4 thoughts on “New post! :)

    • Parang ayaw ko kasi tapusin..wahahaha..Adeek lang.. XD
      Yep. 😀 Pero kasi, ayoko naman maglaro ng otome games gamit PSP emulator. Kung magka-PSP man kasi ako puro otome lang laman nun, or may konting Persona at Crisis Core. ehehehe Loyal sa DS. ^^


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