[J-Restaurant] CHAYA Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

For my fellow Filipinos, if you want to try authentic, delicious Japanese cuisine, then I’d recommend you eating at CHAYA.  Here’s a bit of an info on that restaurant, from http://www.Japinoy.com:

On September 28, 2010 CHAYA Baguio opened its doors to patrons of Japanese cuisine. Young and old alike enjoyed the sumptuous meals prepared by CHAYA chef, Sonoko Taguchi.CHAYA stands for authentic Japanese cuisine, wholesome food and healthy lifestyle.

Restaurant hours: 11 am – 9 pm, daily

Address: 72 Legarda Road, Baguio City
phone: (074) 424-4726
mobile: 09164394141
email: chaya-baguio@hotmail.co.jp
Website: www.chayabaguio.com

The restaurant itself is like a house. When you enter the resto, you will see tables and chairs for the customers in the middle of a living room. It has a cozy ambience that makes any one feel relaxed and comfortable.

The first time my friends and I went there, we ordered:

Beef yakiniku plate
Kakiage tempura
Sashimi platter
For dessert, we had:

green tea ice cream with anmitsu for free 
Cream anmitsu – green tea ice cream, vanilla ice cream, anmitsu!!, melon and banana slices, a dollop of whipped cream
Fruits parfai
>> Listed by Maneki Neko @ Japinoy.com
For our second visit to the place, we had:
Sukiyaki soup 
Maki roll sushis
Miso soup
Beef Salad
Coke for drinks 
The usual green tea ice cream for dessert
It’s a really good experience to eat there, with Sonoko-san being very friendly  ^_^ To any Japanese culture fan who’s in the
Philippines, better eat at CHAYA! 🙂


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