Journalism 113: Traditional Journalism vs Online Journalism

*Writing exercise for Journalism 113: Online Writing (AY 2011-2012)


With the increasing use of the Internet,  a growing number of people have been reading news and other happenings around the globe online. And this actually serves as a threat to newspapers and its reporters, who practice traditional journalism. But first off, what is the difference between traditional journalism and online journalism?

For one, the major difference is the medium used for information dissemination. Traditional journalism disseminates information through printed materials, such as newspapers and other broadcasting medium, such as television and radio.  Online journalism, on the other hand, has its articles published in the internet.

For online journalism, the writer or journalist writes his articles on his weblog (blog).  There are some online journalists, who are not employed in any media outfit, and works as a freelancer.  Some online journalists also do not gain any profit from their articles. Being unemployed, they do not have any deadlines to beat when posting an article.

Traditional journalists, on the other hand, writes their articles for newspaper.  Whether they are working as a freelance writer or  for a media outfit, they get paid for their articles and have deadlines to beat.

The length of the articles posted also differ. In online journalism, the writer can write a lengthy article, while in traditional the writer has limited space for his article.

Also, in online journalism Internet users only get to read news articles when they are connected online. While in traditional journalism, people get to be updated with the latest happenings without being dependent in the Internet.


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