[C-Movie] Jay Chou to direct “Initial D 2”, Edison Chen confirmed as cast

Jay Chou to direct “Initial D 2”, Edison Chen confirmed as cast

initial-d-movie.jpg picture by laraceres

Source: China Daily
Translated by: http://www.jaychoustudio.com

Yesterday night (28th of October), when Edison Chen attended a fashion event in Beijing he expressed that he will be starring in Jay Chou’s “Initial D 2”. This movie will begin filming next year, the director of the last movie Andrew Lau will be the producer. Jay Chou, who was originally the male lead, will upgrade to become the director. Today (29th of October), the reporters called Andrew Lau himself, he confirmed that he was currently exploring this project. Besides Edison Chen and Jay Chou starring, he didn’t reveal anyone else.

Andrew Lau told reporters, he and Jay Chou are indeed in the progress of moving this project forward. After the previous movie “Initial D” was released in 2005 there have been rumours about a sequel, but after 5 years there was still nothing. Andrew Lau explained: “We couldn’t find a suitable entry point, plus we thought at the time filming racing cars was a bit dangerous. If we start filming next year we will be fully prepared in terms of safety.”

Early on in 2005 not long after “Initial D” came out, Andrew Lau and Alan Mak revealed that they planned to start filming the sequel in 2006 at the Alpes, they confirmed Jay Chou was going to continue to play Fujiwara Takumi. At the time it was rumoured that there was a rift between Edison Chen and Alan Mak and that he might be taken out of the sequel. Now 5 years have passed, Jay Chou himself has become a director, Edison Chen has experienced the setback of the “photo scandal”.


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