[Taiwan] Barbie Hsu’s dad confirms she is getting married

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, Libertytimes, UDN, images from Appledaily, Nownews, Cnet, CFP
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zXkKFq-470.jpg picture by laraceres

Not to scare anyone, the above is just a composite photo – Rumors suggest that Barbie Hsu (Da S) is engaged to the executive director of a mainland restaurant group with an estimated net worth of 11.5 billion NTD (~375 million USD). The two apparently have met for only 20 days and were said to have already held their engagement party on the 22nd

The man in question is 29 year-old Wang Xiao Fei (汪小菲). He is the son of Zhang Lan who is the chairman of the famous South Beauty (Restaurant) Group in mainland China. Wang has previously studied in France and completed his MBA at the University of Guelph in Canada. He returned to Beijing afterwards and is currently responsible for promotional and design-related work at the company. Similar to Da S’s ex Vic Chou, Wang also happens to be 5 years her junior.

Interestingly, Da S was photographed holding hands with former Comic Boyz Shone An as they left Ady An’s birthday party. More speculations arose when director Stanley Tong recently commented that she was too busy being in love to work on his new drama. As for Wang, he previously dated Zhang Yu Qi (張雨綺) and has also been linked to Zhang Ziyi. Many had thought he and Zhang Yu Qi were still an item when the news broke, but they both later wrote on their blogs that they have in fact parted ways for awhile.

Da S’s mom usually responds on matters concerning her daughters. However, her cell phone has since been turned off, while Dee Hsu gave a rather ambiguous answer, “I won’t answer on her behalf. My sister’s happiness is the what that I care the most in my life time. As long as she is happy, I will be happy for her.” Adding fuel to the rumors, Dee Hsu and her husband were recently spotted in Beijing which would coincide with the possible engagement party.

Although there are signs that this might be the real deal, some speculate it might be just an attempt to create curiosity for South Beauty’s upcoming expansion to Taipei. In addition to that, Wang’s mother was in Shanghai just a few days ago. They believe it would be unlikely for the couple to get engaged without her presence. While Da S has yet to officially respond on the rumors, she did have this to say, “Other than my arm injury over the past 20 days, everything else has been very well. (I) will be back in Taiwan in a few more days. When it’s the time to make an announcement then I will make one.”

So…..what could she possibly be announcing? Engagement? Wedding date? Pregnancy? Or joining the restaurant business with her own chain of vegetarian restaurants?

Well, well, well, Appledaily reported today that Barbie Hsu’s dad confirmed she is getting married. He found out from Da S’s older sister a few days ago and said the couple plans to hold wedding banquets in both the mainland and Taiwan. Da S and her mom were also spotted at the South Beauty restaurant in Shanghai yesterday. It was presumed that the future in-laws were discussing their wedding plans. The group left with smiles on their faces and when asked about Da S, Wang’s mom Zhang Lan said “very good.”

Celebrity friends of the actress are flooding the Internet with their well wishes. However, writer/commentator/TV personality Li Ao does have a word of advice for her: Sign a prenup!!

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