[C-Drama] Autumn’s Concerto (Next Stop, Happiness)

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Now that sembreak has finally started, I managed to finish watching Autumn’s Concerto! Here’s what I have to say about that drama.

First of all, I want to say that I loved it. No wonder that it is the second highest rated drama in Taiwan. One of the things that I like about it is that it is not a comical series – a factor that I have always been seeing in the past Taiwanese idol dramas that I’ve watched in the past. An example would be Rainie Yang’s dramas “Devil Beside You” and “Hi, My Sweetheart.”

So, what is Autumn’s Concerto (alternative title: Next Stop, Happiness) all about? Here’s a brief info on the series from Drama Wiki:

  • Title: 下一站,幸福 / Xia Yi Zhan, Xing Fu
  • Also known as: Autumn’s Concerto / Next Stop, Happiness
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 21
  • Broadcast network: TTV / SETTV
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-04 to 2010-Feb-28
  • Air time: Sunday 22:00 – 23:30
  • Opening theme song:I Love Him by Della Ding
  • Ending theme song:Suddenly Want to Love You by Della Ding and Wakin Chau


  • Ady An as Liang Mu Cheng 梁慕橙

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Vanness-Wu-half-naked-in-the-shower1.jpg picture by laraceres

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Now, let’s talk about the drama starting off with the cast.

The drama had a stellar and beautiful cast of famous actors in the Taiwanese entertainment. Of course, we have the beautiful Ady An, and the equally beautiful Tiffany Xu from the drama “It Started With a Kiss.” There’s also Chris Wu and Vanness Wu of the F4 and Meteor Garden fame. There’s also the star child actor Xiao Xiao Bin who’s also in the drama “Down With Love” alongside Jerry Yan of F4 and Ella Chen of S.H.E.  The support cast also had famous actors such as Zheng You Jue and Liu Rui Qi.

Their actors are really GREAT actors. Since this is more on the drama side, Ady An’s acting is really good. She can cry so effortlessly, and can really move the audience. She makes it so natural.   Vanness Wu, on the other hand, was the one who I was really impressedwith. His acting is just like what my friend said, “He doesn’t act. Instead, he BECOMES the character.” Exactly. His facial expressions, the way he portrays Ren Guang Xi is effortless and natural. You’re not seeing Vanness acting. You are seeing the true Ren Guang Xi. Xiao Xiao Bin, despite being a child, is also a natural. 🙂

I’m really contented with the cast. Tiffany Xu is also an excellent choice as the second fiddle of Guang Xi here. I love her! She’s so beautiful! 🙂

Another thing is Vaness and Ady’s CHEMISTRY. They made the whole romance series effective because of their really good chemistry. Even just by looking at a single promo photo of the series, you can already feel their good chemistry. Add Xiao Xiao Bin to that, and you’ll get the perfect family!

Autumns-Concerto-Family.jpg picture by laraceres

With the plot…

It’s your typical bad,rich guy meets poor, nice girl with a twist. 😀

Okay, so Ren Guang Xi (Vanness Wu) is the son of the owner of Sheng De Tang University. His father committed suicide when he was young, and blames his mother for that. In episode 2o, Guang Xi will be enlightened about the truth of the death of his father. It’s a tear-jerking scene with his mother, so watch out for that. (OKAY, I ADMIT. I’M A BIT OF A SPOILER!) 😀

His father was a music professor at Sheng De Tang and used to play for him the music piece “Air on the G String” by Bach.

Liang Mu Cheng (Ady An), on the other hand, has a riches-to-rags story. Her father and stepmother sent her to a music school when she was young. She’s really good at playing the piano, and she promised to her Dad that she will play the “Air on the G String” for him sometime. However, her father died from being run over by a car. So her stepmother and her gave up their belongings, because the company of Mu Cheng’s father had gone bankcrupt.

Mu Cheng’s stepmother, then, marries Jin Cai. Jin Cai owns this small-time restaurant, and ends up serving at Sheng De Tang University. He has a secret interest on Mu Cheng, which is why Mu Cheng is afraid of her stepfather.

Ren Guang Xi meets Mu Cheng when he parks his car at the center of the road with his girlfriend Zhang Ai Li. He causes a commotion by blocking the way of the bus that Mu Cheng is riding on. She confronts Guang Xi and a series of unfortunate events follow.

The following day, they meet again at the school canteen. Mu Cheng is helping out her stepmother and stepfather at the canteen/school restaurant, and Guang Xi introduces himself as the love saint of the university and the president’s son.

From then on, their romance begins.

autumnconcertodwing.jpg picture by laraceres

However, they learn that Guang Xi has a brain tumor that needed to be removed by surgery. The hospital and set of doctors that has the most advanced technology that can help Guang Xi with surgery was owned by He Zhen Tang. In exchange for helping Guang Xi with his surgery, Zhen Tang asked Guang Xi’s mother Fang De Rong to have his daughter Yi Qian be Guang Xi’s girlfriend.

Fang De Rong, in order to save his son’s life, asks Mu Cheng to leave Guang Xi so he can have his treatment. Fang De Rong liked the idea, because she thought that Mu Cheng, in the first place, is not good enough for her son.

So, Mu Cheng leaves Guang Xi and stays at Hua Tian Village, not knowing that she is pregnant with his son. Hua Tian Village is a flower village and is the hometown of Mu Cheng’s friend, Hua Tuo Ye. Hua Tuo Ye, on the other hand, doesn’t just consider Mu Cheng as a friend.

Mu Cheng then gives birth to Xiao Le, while Guang Xi wakes up after the surgery without any memories of the past. Guang Xi wakes up finding Yi Qian by his side and falls in love with her.

14_1.jpg picture by laraceres

Six years later, Guang Xi becomes a successsful lawyer. After hitting his client court, he is to to do 240 hours of community service at Hua Tian Village.

Since Mu Cheng and Xiao Le are living in a house owned by the Village Chie of Hua Tian Village, Guang Xi will stay there until his community service hours are done. This reunites him with Mu Cheng.

Guang Xi then becomes close to Xiao Le and Mu Cheng. Xiao Le ends up calling him his Daddy, much to Mu Cheng’s disappointment.

After a series of dramatic and comic episodes of Guang Xi in Hua Tian Village, he returns to Taipei.

The day before Guang Xi and Yi Qian’s wedding, Guang Xi finally remembers his past and decides to have a revenge on Mu Cheng who left him six years ago. And this will only help them rekindle their past love.

4424171046_a9d73f2be8_o.jpg picture by laraceres

This family drama made me cry and laugh at the same time. It was so touching and moving.

One of my favorite episodes episode 18 (the one with the highest rating). It’s the episode where Guang Xi’s mom finally showed her affection for Xiao Le. And also the episode where Mu Cheng finally expressed her sad feelings for Guang Xi. ❤

I’ve always believed in fate, and I’ve always loved stories wherein two people find each other again after being apart for so many years. And that’s exactly what happened to Mu Cheng and Guang Xi. They were given a second chance to rekindle their past and to reconcile.

There were times when I cried along with Mu Cheng on the episode where Guang Xi took care of her after an attempt sexual harassment from her stepfather. Her acting was so convincing, and her tears were moving that I just had to cry with her. It went as well for Guang Xi’s pain when he finally remembered his past. How sad he must have felt to know that the past six years of his life after his surgery had been fabricated by his mother and Yi Qian.

What’s also touching here was Guang Xi’s attachment to Xiao Le during the times when Guang Xi still had an amnesia. The episodes where Guang Xi helped and played with Xiao Le were very touching and heartwarming.

e19.jpg picture by laraceres

If you’re in to the romance and drama genre, you should definitely must not miss this!

Aside from the beautiful cast and plot of the series, the SOUNDTRACKS are not to be missed! 😀 The songs “Relative” and “I Love Him” by Della Ding Dang can bring you to tears even after watching the whole series 🙂


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