[Featured Artist] Kato Miliyah

Hurray! I’ve added a new Category in my blog, and it’s “Featured Artist”! 🙂 Whenever I feel the need to write about the current artist that I like, I will write about him/her here for others to try listening to also. 🙂

So, my first artist is….

Kato Miliyah!!! 🙂
By: laraceres14/Lady-Rinoa

Real Name: Kato Miho
Birthplace: Nagoshi, Japan
Birthday: 22 June, 1988
Zodiac: Cancer

Genre: Urban & R&B

Kato Miliyah is a 21-year old J-Urban artist who was raised in Toyata, Aichi Prefecture, by her mom. On 8 September 2004, she debuted under Sony Records with the single “Never Let Go,” and it ranked at the top 30 best singles for five consecutive weeks.


Miliyah debuted with the single “Never Let Go,” followed by her sophomore single “Beautiful” on 11 November of the same year and was used as a CM song for Lotte’s Pure White Gum.

Her next single “Dear Lonely Girl” was then released the following year and was a hit. Her fourth single “Jyounetsu,” a cover of UA’s 1996 hit song was released prior to her debut album “Rose” which peaked at the number two spot in the Oricon Album Chart.

In 2006, she released the singles “Sotsugyo,” “Last Summer,” and “I Will” which were all included in her sophomore album “Diamond Princess,” released on 7 March 2007. The album peaked at number five in the Oricon chart.

On 2 April 2008, Miliyah released her third album “Tokyo Star,” an Oricon top four. It includes the singles “Love is…,” “LALALA feat. WAKA-DAN-NA (Shonan no Kaze) / FUTURECHECKA feat. SIMON, COMA-CHI, & TARO SOUL,” and “19 Memories.” On the same year, she released her first BEST album titled “BEST DESTINY,” which topped the Oricon chart selling more than 200,000 copies.

In early 2009, she released the album “Ring,” which sold over 300,000 copies and peaked at number two in the Oricon chart.

In that year, her collaboration single “Love Forever” with Shimizu Shota was a smash hit in Japan having been downloaded two million times.

This year she released her 5th studio album entitled “HEAVEN”, which topped the Oricon Weekly Chart, making it her first studio album to do so. It sold about 150,804 copies on its first week, also making it highest-selling album on its first week. She was also MTV Japan’s Artist of the Month for the month of July.

Official Website: http://www.miliyah.com


Miliyah is now one of my favorite artists. The first song that I’ve heard from her was “19 Memories”, which, I believe, was a cover song for Namie Amuro’s “Sweet 19 Blues.” It really sounded sweet to my ears, but wasn’t enough to make me a fan.

Some months came by and I was thinking of a Japanese artist to try listening to. Since I am an R&B fan, I thought of some J-R&B artists who I can try. I, then, remembered Kato Miliyah’s “19 Memories” live performances, so I downloaded her latest single at that time. That single was “WHY.”

The first time I heard “WHY”, I already fell in love with it. Her follow up single “BYE BYE” is also really REALLY good. Though these singles don’t have that pure R&B touch (more on the pop side), it still grabbed my attention.

Then she released her latest album “HEAVEN,” which I found as a really really good album. I know I can’t give any concrete descriptions, but I’ll do so when I post a review on the album itself.

I haven’t downloaded a lot of Miliyah songs yet, but from the ones that I have, I already have the feeling that I will be supporting her music all the way. What amazed me the most is that she’s the one who writes the lyrics AND composes the music for ALL of HEAVEN’s songs. I still have to find out if she also did that to her previous albums, but it’s already enough for me to be proud of her and her talent.

Also, I figured that she’s more on the sad love songs side. Just look at the tracklist of HEAVEN — I miss you, BYE BYE, Last Love, WHY, etc. :)) So if you’re feeling depressed or anything, just listen to her songs.

For all of you R&B and Pop fans, you’re gonna love her. Give her a shot 🙂


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