[KOREA-PHILIPPINES] Kim Joon to Visit the Philippines

T-Max member Kim Joon, who also starred as one of the F4 members in hit TV series “Boys Over Flowers”, will promote South Korea and the Philippines joint television showcase taking place later this month.

The singer and actor was selected as a promotional ambassador for the “Korea-Philippine TV Content Showcase & Media Forum”, taking place as part of events marking the 60th year of friendly relations between the two countries, the Korea Internet & Security agency (KISA) said in a press release on Thursday.

“Kim is well-qualified to take on the position since he has the charm to appeal to various fans throughout Asia,” Song Byun-joon, producer of “Boys” explained of his reason for having recommended Kim.

The event, aimed at facilitating exchange of broadcasting material and expanding cooperation between the two countries, will take place for two days starting November 30 at Manilla’s Hyatt Hotel.

Kim has also been invited to attend the Viewer Choice Award hosted by Philippine broadcaster ABS-CBN as an awardee. He gained popularity with his role in “Boys” earlier this year after debuting as a member of the singing trio in 2007. Since then he has starred in a musical and currently appears on reality show “The Invincible Baseball Team.”

source: asiae


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