[J-Pop] Crystal Kay best album gets special collaboration disc

“BEST of CRYSTAL KAY,” a two-disc collection celebrating the singer’s tenth anniversary, is set for release on September 2. It is now known that the limited edition of the album will include an extra “premium disc,” containing four collaborative songs.

The first track is “Over and Over,” produced by m-flo’s Taku Takahashi. The song is currently being used on the MBS show “DRESS” and in commercials for NTT East’s FLET’S Hikari.

The second is “Step by Step” with producer Yasutaka Nakata, which will be the theme song of the newest “Jungle Taitei” (“Jungle Emperor Leo”) anime, airing on Fuji TV on September 5.

Rappers Mummy-D (RHYMESTER) and KREVA are featured on the third song, titled “Private Dancers.” The last track, “Helpless Night,” is a duet with KAT-TUN’s Jin Akanishi.



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