[Philippines] The Wonder Girls Fever

August 12, 2009, 7:43pm

‘Nobody’ has almost everybody in Manila doing the “clap-clap-point” dance step.

Confused? Sounds like Korean to you? That’s because it is.

South Korean girl group, The Wonder Girls with members Sunye, Ye-eun, Sunmi, Sohee and Yubin, is currently taking Manila – and the whole of Asia – by storm with their infectious single, “Nobody.”

A big hit in Korea since early 2008, The Wonder Girls has crossed over to Manila in such a big way that even the world-famous Cebu inmates have a video which show the boys dancing to the song.

Prominent in the video is the “clap-clap-point” dance step, which in other homemade videos, show performances by a group of Korean policemen, die-cast “Transformers” action figures and the novelty group Wonder Boys.

The Wonder Girls was created by Korean singer-songwriter Park Jin-Young (known as the Korean Michael Jackson) and they are signed to his talent agency JYP Entertainment. The girl group was introduced via their own show on MTV called “MTV Wonder Girls”.

To date, The Wonder Girls has released a mini-album (“The Wonder Begins”), three full-length albums (“The Wonder Years”, “So Hot” and “The Wonder Years Trilogy”) and they have earned two Daesangs (their equivalent to the Grammy’s).

They have three consecutive Number Ones under their belts: “Tell Me”, “So Hot” and “Nobody”

The Wonder Girls recently joined the Jonas Brothers North American Tour. The girls’ US debut album is up for release next year.

For more information on The Wonder Girls, visit http://www.wondergirls.jype.com and http://www.wondergirlsworld.com.

Credit: WGPH.ORG/wonderfulph.org


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