[J-Pop] KAT-TUN got harassed by fans during their Sendai stop

After their Okinawa stop, KAT-TUN moved on to Sendai on July 31 for their nationwide summer tour “Break the Records”. Apparently, they trusted the Sendai fans so much and wanting to interact with the audience more believed it was okay to move closer to them. What happened after wasn’t a pretty site. Not much fan accounts were written because of the bad situation but here is one of the rarer ones existing:

Apparently, when the members were on the push-carts…the fans kept touching them and they didn’t look so happy.

On mixi and many fanblogs, there were reports on fans with no manners. Kame cried “it hurts!” when he got scratched by a fan, and had his towel stolen too. Jin got touched on the collarbone and ended up not singing ’cause he got pissed off. Koki got his belt stolen. Taguchi got scratched as well and got pissed off. Ueda also got touched all over and was so pissed off, he didn’t sing his part. When Kame went through the east aisle, and Jin went through the west aisle – they were both touched all over by fans. Kame’s situation was apparently much worse than Jin’s.

source: arama


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