[America] BoA Deluxe To Be Released in September!

BoA recently announced in her interview with Entertainment Weekly, that she will be releasing another version of her first U.S. album, BoA. The title of the repackaged album will be ‘BoA Deluxe’ and will include three new songs that did not make it the first time, as well as a remix. Not only that, the album will include a new cover, which has already been revealed (Click the image on the left for a larger version) thanks to FontanaDaily and BoAjjang’s EndimioN‘s detective skills. The wet hair looks is very similar to BoA’s 13th Japanese Single, Quincy. Whether there will be more unseen or new images of BoA in the booklet is yet to be known, but one can’t help but hope.

Also, remember the image of BoA that People magazine used in April of 2009 in their article Coming to America: Asian Pop Stars? Seems like they DID know which BoA image to use because it IS her! The image was completely unseen to BoA fans and took everyone by surprise, since BoA has been mistaken for others before, such as Lee Hyori.

‘BoA Deluxe’ is rumored to be globally released on September 1, 2009.

In other exciting news, the collaboration preview of Akon’s new reggae remix of his song ‘Beautiful’ with BoA has been revealed on Universal Music Japan’s website. BoA fans will be happy to hear that BoA’s part was sung in English and not in Japanese, as many were afraid would happen. Check out the awesome 45 seconds preview of the new and improved Akon’s ‘Beautiful’ featuring BoA! This version will only be released in Akon’s Japanese released album, ‘FREEDOM+2’, on August 5th.

Everyone is still feeling very “energetic” with the music video release of BoA’s 3rd U.S. single, ‘Energetic’. Thanks to BoA’s make-up artist, the famous Jeong Saem Mool, she has given fans many behind-the-scene images we would never normally see. Jeong Saem Mool has done a beautiful job with BoA’s makeup and will hopefully continue to be able to work with BoA during her U.S. work. For more exclusive images, check out BoAjjang’s Eye Candy forum.

One of BoA’s most recent interviews has been revealed on COSMOGIRL‘s website yesterday. It seems that only five questions were asked, but for new BoA fans, it’s more than enough to learn a little bit more about this Asian Pop Star! One of the questions asked was “WHAT IS THE BEST RELATIONSHIP ADVICE YOU’VE EVER GOTTEN?” To find out the answer, visit COSMOGIRL‘s website!

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Site: http://www.BoAjjang.com
News Update: boanjel (BoAjjang.com), MistGuardianChrome (BoAjjang.com)
Writeup/Editing: Uni (BoAjjang.com), omegach (BoAjjang.com)
News/Image Source: Fontana Daily. EndimioN (BoAjjang.com)


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