[J-Rock] Monthly VAMPS 13 release!

Release date: July29, 2009. Sorry again for the late update. You can order this now along with their upcoming single “Sweet Dreams.” XD

Thirteenth book release from VAMPS featuring HYDE from L’Arc-en-Ciel and K.A.Z. from Oblivion Dust. Set includes: Monthly VAMPS Vol.13 (Specs: A4-size, All Color 84-page), original T-shirt x 2 (HYDE version and KAZ version. Size: Length 62cm x Width 46cm), bonus DVD with flash anime “TALES OF VAMPS 2” and bonus anime footage by KIMSNAKE (subject to change), Monthly VAMPS posters x 13 (each poster features covers of the magazine vol.1 – 13. Specs: A2-size), and Monthly VAMPS BEST (features best photos, interviews, and more from previous magazines. Specs: All Color 400-page).

Source: CD Japan


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