[K-Drama/K-Pop] Han Gain was initially casted with UKnow YunHo for ‘Heading the ground’

The original casting for the new drama ‘ Heading to the ground’ were Kim Rae Won and Han GaIn. And with the news of Kim Rae Won leaving the drama for army, Han GaIn have decided to withdraw from the drama after some consideration.

Thus it is said that UKnow YunHo had missed the opportunity to act with Han GaIn.

ItIt’s the first time UKnow YunHo taking up a actual drama, as we know that Dong Bang Shin Ki has only participated in banju drama last time. In the drama, UKnow YunHo is known to be a guy with no luck since young. Through the hard work and talent, he became a national soccer player.

On 19th July, through the 5 hours of audition, Uknow YunHo has been chosen as the main cast for the drama. The producer have also commented on his acting skills ” When watching him acting, it feels like UKnow YunHo was the character, Cha Bong Gun. And UKnow YunHo has been practicing on his acting skills for the past few years and his character matched the with character that is he acting.”

The new main cast for the new soccer drama ‘Heading to the Ground’ are Uknow YunHo, Go AhRa & Lee Yun Ji.

source: kbites


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