[J-TV] Kusanagi to come back as promoter of digital broadcasting

TOKYO – Pop star Tsuyoshi Kusanagi will come back as the promoter of the government-backed campaign on Japan’s shift to digital terrestrial TV broadcasting from analog in 2011, entertainment industry sources said Thursday. Kusanagi, 35, a member of the pop music group SMAP, was sacked as campaign promoter after he was arrested in April on suspicion of public indecency for stripping naked while under the influence of alcohol at a Tokyo park.

Kusanagi will attend a ceremony on digital broadcasting in Tokyo on Friday, just two years before the shift to digital broadcasting, the sources said. Kusanagi has offered to serve as campaign promoter for free for the coming two years, according to the Association for Promotion of Digital Broadcasting, an organization formed by broadcasters and electric machinery makers.

After his arrest, the association asked all the country’s broadcasters not to air commercials that feature Kusanagi. Kusanagi was arrested on April 23 and was freed the following day after prosecutors decided not to indict him.

On May 28, Kusanagi returned to the entertainment business, about a month after he was arrested.

Japan Today


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