[Korea/America] YG Entertainment Destroys Se7en’s Career

According to YGWorld.net: The contract with Red Queen Media ended recently and YG’s saying they ended everything peacefully.

YG cannot understand why Red Queen Media has stated . Also YG’s saying that they’ve never received an offer for Se7en to work with Justin Timberlake. Se7en is not planning on doing any activities in Korea this year either.

Also Red Queen Media failed to fulfill all the contract details; the contract term’s over so YG didn’t renew the contract.

Reported earlier:

There has been a post quoting Red Queen Media that Se7en will have no other American activities, criticising YG Entertainment on Se7en’s American advance posted up on Allkpop on 9th July.

YG Entertainment said, “We contacted Red Queen Media, and have confirmed that whatever was stated was not the official stand of the company. And also about Se7en working with Justin Timberlake, this is the first time we are hearing about it.”

The content to the post on Allkpop wrote:

Red Queen Media stated

“Things were looking great for Se7en. Johnny Wright was going to co-manage his career, we setup deals for Se7en to record a collaboration with Justin Timberlake. We even had Se7en scheduled to sing the national anthem live at an upcoming Dodgers game, as well as present an award at the BET Awards show.

It’s really disheartening, we really felt Se7en was the best candidate to represent Asians in the US. We truly believed he would’ve been the first to break through the US market, especially with all of the collaborations and events we had lined up. It’s unfortunate that YG Entertainment turned down all of these opportunities, but we are still hoping for the best and that they come to the realization of how important this is for Se7en’s career.”

YG also said, “Se7en has worked on preparing for the American advance for 2 years, there is no way he will stop his American advance now.”

YG has also stated that the reason for Se7en’s return to Korea a while back is to settle personal issues, and have nothing to do with this rumours going around.

YG has expressed their response to this rumour as being ‘absurd’. There also also rumours saying that with this event, there has been much friction between Red Queen Media and YG Entertainment.

source: Kbites


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