[K-Pop] YG’s First Impression on 2NE1’s CL and Sandara Park

YG Entertainment Yang HyunSeok has spoken very highly of 2NE1 leader CL.

He said on Mnet 2NE1 TV aired on 8th July on CL, “She was one of the friends waiting outside YG office. And she called out ‘Hey there~’, and when I turned back I could only ask ‘How old are you?’. I had the instinct that I should have her in YG.”

After listening to her audition CD, Teddy and Yang HyunSeok had responded by, “This is no joke. This is good stuff.”

Big Bang SeungRi also said, “Yang HyunSeok has asked me over to show me CL’s audition CD and asked ‘She did well right? This is no joke right?’ and he was telling me ‘But SeungRi ah, what are you doing now?’. At that moment I was so embarrassed.”. TOP has also said, “She is more than ordinary when it comes to pose and rhythm.”

source: kbites

YG Entertainment president Yang HyunSeok has revealed that he thought 2NE1 member Sandara Park would not debut.

He said during 2NE1 TV aired on Mnet on 8th July about the first impression he had of each of the 2NE1 members, the selection for 2NE1 members, and what the production team had thought about the group.

Yang HyunSeok said of Sandara Park, “She had dreamed to be a singer and has a passion for YG’s music but her abilities were almost just there. I thought she would not be able to debut.”

But Sandara Park has shown get improvement and development as a trainee. YG said, “She is the toughest (being able to endure it) in the group. She is a friend who made the impossible possible. She is someone who works really hard.”

The girls’ producer Teddy said, “Even though she is a shy person, when she does promotions, she acts like a 4-dimensional and hardworking individual.”

source: kbites


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