[J-Pop] GReeeeN gets the Guinness World Record!

Guinness World Records yesterday formally recognized “Kiseki,” by J-pop group GReeeeN, as the best-selling digital downloaded single of all time. The single was used as the theme for last year’s hugely popular TBS teen baseball drama “Rookies” and went on sale in May 2008. The application to GWR was made on May 24, at which point the single had been downloaded more than 2.3 million times. But the success of a Rookies spinoff movie gave another boost to digital sales, which are now said to be over 5.9 million. Sato Ryuta (29), star of the drama and the movie, was clearly delighted as he received the official record certificate yesterday from GWR Japan president (and old Japan Zone friend) Russell Willis at the TBS studios in central Tokyo. He said he has yet to meet the four members of GReeeeN (Hide, Navi, 92 and Soh), who hide behind masks in official photos, but hopes he can now finally do so. The group recently saw sales of their 3rd album, “Shio, Kosho” break the million barrier.



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