[J-Pop/K-Pop] Dong Bang Shin Ki to release storybook ‘Please Be Mine’

Dong Bang Shin Ki will release a new storybook’Please Be Mine’ on 15th July in Korea and Japan.

The storybook will talk about Dong Bang Shin Ki’s journey to Saipan last January included in their DVD series ‘All About 東方神起 Season3′. Fans can witness the beauty scenaries in Saipan and also some of the Dong Bang Shin Ki in the filming of ‘All About 東方神起 Season3′ in the book.

It will show all the details like contents to the members’ bag during the journey, their hotel room etc in their 7 days 6 nights tour to Saipan. Plus there are also interview content to the members after they returned to Korea after the trip.

Meanwhile, Dong Bang Shin Ki will be having their concert ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC in BANGKOK’ on 27th and 28th June.

source: kbites


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