[J-Pop/J-Movie] Koda Kumi Sings Opera

J-pop diva Koda Kumi (26) has taken her first bash at classical music, kind of. She recently recorded a new song that is based on an aria from Handel’s Italian opera “Rinaldo.” With original Japanese lyrics by Koda, “Alive” is the theme for “Kamui Gaiden,” Sai Yoichi’s big screen adaptation of the 1960s anime “Ninpu Kamui Gaiden” (Kamui the Ninja). It stars the currently red-hot Matsuyama Kenichi (24, photo) in the title role of a ninja who becomes a fugitive from his former clan. While filming last summer, Sai was listening to a favorite aria, “Lascia ch’io pianga” (Let me Weep), and felt that it captured the theme and atmosphere of the movie. With a melody by Iwashiro Taro (44), who wrote the movie’s score, Koda recorded the song over three days at the end of May. It will be released as a single in the autumn. The movie provides yet another high-profile role for Matsuyama, who has made a name for himself in such films as “Death Note,” “Detroit Metal City” and the upcoming “Norwegian Wood.” The all-star cast of “Kamui…” also includes Koyuki, Ito Hideaki, Sato Koji, and Tsuchiya Anna. The movie is scheduled for theatrical release on September 19.



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