[Mandopop] F4 Defeats Fahrenheit in Bringing 11 Billion Dollar of Income

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Last year, idol group F4 endorsed Taiwan tourism and acted promotion ambassadors to Japan and Korea. They brought in 11 billion dollars of profit for Taiwan. However, Fahrenheit who took over the endorsement was not able to bring in the same effect and only made 1.1 billion dollars in the first half of the year. Earlier it was rumored that because the promotional effects were not as good as anticipated, the Tourism Bureau might invite F4 to regroup and to endorse next year, however, Cheng Yi-ping, a representative for the Tourism Bureau expressed: [Who did you hear this from? There is no such thing. We are still asking for bids.]

F4 is extremely renowned in Japan and Korea. Last year, they became promotion ambassadors for Taiwan tourism with beautiful results. Although each member earned an endorsement fee of NTW $8M, tourists from Japan and Korea reached a record of 1.16 million people and brought in an estimated NTW $11B for Taiwan. This year, the newcomers Fahrenheit took over however their combined endorsement fee of $5 millions was far less than that of one person in F4. The endorsement fee for Fahrenheit was much cheaper and in addition, the four belonged to the same management company which made it easier for communication and coordination. In comparison to F4, other than not starring in a drama together, all other duties that they were supposed to do, nothing was left out.

Unfortunately, Fahrenheit’s first event for the year in February did not turn out well. First the rumor of fan club paying people to act as fans came out. Now, although it had not been even six months yet, it was rumored that because the endorsement effect was not as anticipated, the Tourism Bureau might go back and asks F4 to endorse again for next year. However because the endorsement fee for F4 was overly high, it might be some other type of collaborations instead. For example, this March, the Tourism Bureau spent $2M to set up an international fan club for Vic Zhou and had received $4 billion tourism income in return. This set a good precedence.

With regards to F4 taking up the duties again because the effect of Fahrenheit endorsing tourism was not as anticipated, Cheng Yi-ping expressed: [We won’t be asking for bids until June so right now, don’t know what will happen.] However, she emphasized that it was not due to poor results since Fahrenheit had their supporters too. Head of the Bidding Committee Hou Wen-Yan expressed: [I have not heard such a thing. I need to understand the situation a little more.] However, the managers for Jerry Yan and Vic Zhou both indicated that they had always been in contact with the Tourism Bureau but the question of taking up the endorsement again was still undecided. The manager for Fahrenheit indicated that Fahrenheit’s endorsement term was for 2 years and the contract will end until next July, therefore for the time being, there would not be any changes.

Credit to wyn0602@CEFC, FRHGloba1 and Angelreyes10@AF


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