[Random] You’re An Avid TVXQ Fan When….

You know when you’re crazy of TVXQ…
(jaehwanxiah version.)

1. You want to have a baby with them.
2. Your CD/MP3/IPOD (or any Music Player) have 90% songs of tvxq and 10% of different artist
3. Your computer have loads of TVXQ pictures/with fangirling friends than your family and friends pictures.
4.You have at least joined 5 TVXQ forums(local and International)
5. You always love to join TVXQ Project(especially Message projects)
6. almost/accidentally called your brother/guy friend with TVXQ’s names instead their names.
7. When you see red, it reminds you of Cassiopeia.
8. Can’t stop talking about TVXQ to a person who doesn’t have a clue who are they.
9. When you buy a stuff toy and name after them.
10. Dolphins/ducks/koala/sheep reminds you of Junsu
11. Deer reminds you of Changmin and Bambi
12. Bear/Tiger reminds you of Yunho
13. Lion reminds you of Jaejoong
14. Rabbit/(Chicken) reminds you of Yoochun
15. You have 1GB/4GB/16GB/1TB USB 98% of them are TVXQ stuffs 15% are Fanfics(Yaoi/R-18/19 xD/PG-13/PG)
16. When you saw everything Korean(Korean language/Korean dish etc.) you think about TVXQ.
17.When you saw a tall person you compare it to Changmin’s height or either one of the members.
18. When you saw a Korean person you would think they know TVXQ.
19. When You saw a Chinese/Korean/Japanese people you will just start singing a TVXQ song loudly as you can to be able the Chinese/Korean/Japanese person know you’re an existing TVXQ fangirl/fanboy..xD
20. when you saw a tall person you’ll compare your height to them as if they are TVXQ.
21. You have many fangirl/fanboy friends than your school friends
22. You know how to dance the chin dance in Mirotic.
23. When you saw a fellow TVXQ/kpop lover you talk to him/her as if you know each other. (and even exchange numbers)
24. You want to figure out what’s the meaning of Junsu’s “Kenyan” language and the only words you can pronounce is the word “Bambayaaaa~”.
25. Read/write fanfics
26. You love/hate at least one girls who have been partnered with TVXQ.
27. Know more Kpop/Jpop artist because of TVXQ.
28. wants to have a same hairstyles as TVXQ.
29. You know that Jaejoong wants girls who have beautiful hands and feet
30. You know also that Jaejoong believes he’ll marry a fan
31. You know the times TVXQ cried on air.
32. you cry when you saw TVXQ on their hard times. or you cry along with them.xD
33. You cried when you saw Yoochun crying on their Proud performance especially when Junsu cried along with Yoochun.
34. You cried/almost cried when you saw Junsu/Jaejoong on the wheelchair.
35. (newbie) even though you are a newbie, you know about them already within 6 months or less.
36. You want to learn at least 2 dance songs of TVXQ
37. You don’t know the new songs in your country but you know the future japanese release of TVXQ( You even heard the preview already)
38. When you saw an artist you will just say “Oh! It’s __________” then you just walk away or When you accidentally saw TVXQ’s Idol you want to get their autograph and give it to TVXQ.(I want to do this~ but I haven’t saw any of their Idols yet..xD)
When you saw TVXQ you will spazz for LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…NG time or forever? and you will always think what happened on that day.(If I will be able to see them T.T)
39. When you saw their relatives you want to get their autograph/message as if they are an Artist.
40. When you go to Korea you want to eat at Misarang, Time Out Gelato, Han IL Kwan, Jaejoong’s House, And you want to buy cosmetics from crebeauBelle, crebeauMic, and at crebeauJeff because you know it’s VERY safe to use.
41. you love the HAHAHA commercial CF of TVXQ (especially the 2U couple).
42. You want to be a part of real ‘Cassiopeia’ but curse LSM coz you need to spend 40,000 won every year to maintain your Cassiopeia membership. [but I think it’s worthy coz’ you’ll get an exclusive cassiopeia Goodies(like the jacket and membership card correct me if I’m not wrong..)]
43. You know the Cassies are the ‘crazy’ fangirls. but you love them coz they have the same interest with you and they never fail to amaze you ALWAYS everytime they’ve done anything about TVXQ[and discovering new things about them]
44. You sometimes shocked when you see Yoochun with his “long hair”…
45. You have done at least 10 things for TVXQ(especially fan made ex: fanart/fanfic/tshirt design/fanmade doll)
46. your desktop BG is TVXQ.
47. (International) you have a “self-made” Korean name with the last name of your favorite member
48. you have at least one korean friend online.
49. more than 10 international friends online.
50. knows the recent performance of TVXQ./future album/single/song release.
51. you’re visiting DNBN.
52. you visit http://toho-jp.net or http://tvxq.smtown.com for more than 50 times already.
53. you saw TVXQ back’s already for more than 20 times of replying SBS GAYO DAEJUN 2008 MIROTIC Performance.
54. You know the URL of Jaejoong’s biological mom’s blog.
55. You heard 1 song of tvxq for more than 50 times already.
56. you almost have collected ALL tvxq’s songs (from debut/drama OSTs/remake/etc.) mp3’s ILLEGALLY.
57. You love Junsu’s fanboys, Seungri, Sekine, and Lee Wan(?)
58. You already watch 95% of their variety shows/performance in youtube/TV/imeem/Egg/gom/any streaming sites since debut till present.
59. You watch Britney Spears and Boa’s Showcase back in 2003 in Youtube just to see the debut stage of TVXQ.
60. You always include TVXQ in your school projects if it is allowed.
61. You want to know all the Korean Cassie chants so that if you’re going to concert you can scream with them.
62. You study Korean/Japanese/Chinese language to understand TVXQ and all the articles about them.
63. You didn’t hate Changmin when you knew he is one of the 99.00%(? or 99.99%?) people who watch ‘special videos’
64. you remember TVXQ when your teacher in biology said “visceral”…(you know what I mean eh?)
65. You said “Jaejoong is so Pretty/beautiful” more than 3 times since you knew TVXQ.
66. You know all the accidents happened to TVXQ since they debut. (car accident, leg injury, lip incident, ankle incident. etc.)
67. You know Yunho is an incredible man because he have more than 100 accident in his entire life…(scars on the cheeck and forehead, the lip incident etc.)
68. you know that Yunho went to visit a hospital for more than 40 times a year.
69. You know that Gahee is Yoochun’s Ex.
70. You know that Junsu’s mother wants a girl for his sons who knows how to play an instrument./ Junsu’s mother is a former miss Korea


credits: jaehwanxiah @ Multiply

copied from my sister’s multiply: angelyana@multiply


3 thoughts on “[Random] You’re An Avid TVXQ Fan When….

  1. haha, i fit a whole TON of these..
    i didnt know that junsu’s mom wants him wife to play an instrument…. JUNSU! I PLAY AN INSTURUMENT!!


  2. omg,
    you are right.
    i think you’ve spend a lot time thinking about all stuff about.


    i am not alone now. sometimes i think i am crazy, because always thinking about them.

    thank you for your enlightening article


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