[K-Pop] 2NE1 to Release First Album in July!

Newcomer 4-member group 2NE1 will release a new album and present yet a new look in July. And this will be the first time they will release an album offline.

2NE1 debuted beginning of May with the song ‘Fire’ which is a digital single. The song is currently one of the hot tracks up on various music charts. And on the 6th, YG Entertainment said, “2NE1 will release a new minialbum beginning of July which will include 6 songs. At first we thought of them releasing this new minialbum this month, but we had to push back the date due to some issues in schedule for MV filming.”

“This will be the girls’ first offline album release. And they will be back with a different look from the strong feeling that ‘Fire’ gives, they will be back more feminine and with new charms.”

Meanwhile, the girls will have their 3rd performance of ‘Fire’ on SBS Inkigayo on 7th June.

source: kbites


6 thoughts on “[K-Pop] 2NE1 to Release First Album in July!

  1. 2NE1 are the first K-Pop group I’ve ever been exposed to. I came across “Lollipop” completely by accident a few days ago and then I checked out both versions of “Fire” – they’re so much fun! I can’t decide which member is my favorite at the moment, but I like how they all bring something different to the group. And even though they’ve only released the single, I believe they put American pop acts of the same vein to shame.

    Do K-Pop artists ever do vinyl releases?

    Anyway, you’re site is a wonderful resource – you really know your stuff – and I thank you heartily for the effort!


    • Yup, I also love 2NE1 because of their unique style XDDD My fave is Park Bom XDDD

      They don’t release vinyl stuff 🙂

      And, thanks for the comment ^_^ I really appreciate it 😀


  2. Hello

    I think Park Bom is beautiful, and she has such a pretty voice.

    Well, since I’ve only recently been exploring the world of K-Pop, I wonder if there are some artists that you’d recommend most? I also really like Uhm Jung-hwa’s “D.I.S.C.O” & Lee Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl”.

    Thanx for the reply!


    • K-Pop?? You can’t talk about K-Pop without mentioning BoA!!! ^_^ Try BoA’s songs! You will absolutely love them! Try her songs Atlantis Princess, No.1, My Name, Girls On Top, My Sweetie, and Milky Way ^_^


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