[Anime Review] La Corda D’Oro ~second passo~ Episode 2! ^_^

DISCLAIMER: I am not anti-Kaji. Just anti-Kaho XD

Last March 26, the first episode of the much-awaited second season of the ultimate reverse harem anime “La Corda D’Oro” was aired.  Sadly, it took the creators three long months to release the second episode. The second episode was aired last June 5 and was subbed as early as June 6. So, yeah, you guys can watch it at any anime site now.

In the first episode, a new character was introduced. His name is Aoi Kaji. He’s an ex-violin player who transferred to Seisou Academy eversince he saw Hino playing the violin in a park, in which he said that he was moved by her music. What a lame reason.  And since he’s new, I think that it’s quite understandable why the second episode’s focus is all about him – his past, thoughts about playing the instrument, insecurities, etc.

It’s actually amusing for me to know that he’s insecure with Len’s skill in playing the violin. Haha. But I think that it’s stupid for him to quit the violin because of that. Forgive me Kaji fans, I hate quitters. Other than that, I hated him when he decided to play in the ensemble of hot guys + Fuyumi-chan. Why? Because his cheesiness towards Kaho sickened me. The line “Your music still resonates in my heart” sucks big time. Don’t blame it on me, though, I might have enjoyed it if it was Len who said it. But what the heck, it’s still cheesy. Hehe.

There are only very few scenes which I liked in this episode. I pretty much despise 75% of it, actually. Why? Because Len’s screen time is way too short! I don’t know, maybe I just got annoyed for waiting three long months then see Len for just five minutes? Hehe. It actually took them long enough to feature him. His first appearance was on the twelfth minute and 12 seconds, and it only lasted for two minutes.  Talk about SHORT.  And his succeeding appearances were even shorter than that. >_<  Now how could I possibly enjoy it? XD


What else?  Another thing I liked about this episode was that Ryoutarou Tsuchiura’s a hottie once again! ^_^  I was disappointed at the first episode because he somewhat lost his appeal. But what the heck, he’s hot again!  And his first screen time in this episode was a scene of him playing the soccer. Imagine that! Hot! XD

Honestly though, the only moments when I felt “kilig” were when during the Kaji x Ryoutarou and Kaji x Len moments. Haha. XD  It actually crossed my mind if the series would be better if it wereyaoi instead. XP Okay, scratch that last part.


So all in all, I didn’t love the episode. But it’s still a much watch for all you reverse harem fans like me. XD

The screenshots were all taken from my friends’ blog. If you want more screenshots/pics of the bishies, just go to their sites: shikimic.wordpress.com  and  jayeannev.wordpress.com

Yoroshiku ^_^


4 thoughts on “[Anime Review] La Corda D’Oro ~second passo~ Episode 2! ^_^

  1. Ahaha..kyaaaaa..yaoi.!!!! LOL

    Anyway, it wasn’t shown in the ova but not just only because of Len and Ousaki that made Kaji insecure of his abilities. Even his family were discouraging him. His father once said that he have no talent whatsoever in music. *Kaji fangirl speaking..XDDDD*

    Btw, I love Tsuchiura on that pic..*squeals*


  2. haha.. all I can say for this episode is I LOVE RYOUTAROU~! XDD (too distracted by him to comment on other parts of the episode..XDD)
    but yeah, sure wish they had more Len scenes.. >.<.. equal lahat dapat screen times nila eh! nyaha.. XD


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