[Japan/Philippines] PolyEast clears Martin of plagiarism of Jyongri’s Kimi ga Ireba

PolyEast clears Martin of plagiarism

May 30, 2009, 11:21pm

Martin Nievera’s record label PolyEast Records squashed allegations that the singer plagiarized a Japanese song used in the recent Judy Ann Santos-Ryan Agoncillo wedding special of ABS-CBN.

Chito Ilagan, PolyEast Records Artist & Repertoire Manager, told Manila Bulletin Online that they commissioned Nievera to write English lyrics for “Unchanging Love,” originally by Korean-Japanese J-Pop singer Jyongri, with permission from EMI Music Japan.

“We picked it from a bundle of songs sent to us by EMI Japan,” he said. “We told Martin to rewrite the lyrics but retain the title.”

“Unchanging Love” was the 5th single from Jyongi’s “Love Forever” CD. The song –originally titled “Unchanging Love : Kimi Ga Ireba” – reached number two in the Japanese iTunes chart in 2008.

Ilagan added that Nievera got PolyEast’s approval to give the rewritten version of the song to Judy Ann and Ryan. Nievera eventually ended up singing “Unchanging Love” at the couple’s wedding reception.

“But Martin never said that he wrote the song,” said Ilagan. “What he’d always say was that he wrote English lyrics in lieu of the original. It’s not plagiarism when there’s permission and acknowledgement.”

And although EMI Music Japan only got a copy of Nievera’s lyrics a week after the TV special aired, Ilagan said that it poses no problem.

“It’s a matter of trust between EMI Japan and PolyEast Records. They are confident that any song they give us would be used fittingly. It’s just formalities that we had to send them Martin’s lyrics.”

“Unchanging Love” will be the title track of Zsa Zsa Padilla’s for-release album under PolyEast Records. Ilagan said they might also use Martin’s version in his next album with the songwriting credited to Nievera and Jyongri.

This is the second time in 2009 that Nievera had been embroiled in controversy for his version of a song.

A few weeks back, Nievera was panned by some local politicians for his rendition of “Lupang Hinirang” at the Pacquiao-Hatton match.


Thanks to Maneki Neko-san of Japinoy for posting this ^_^


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