[Philippines] Boys Over Flowers’ Lee Min Ho, Goo Hye Sun, and Kim Bum are going to visit the Philippines (ADDED NOTICE)

NOTICE: The date of their visit is still unknown, but rest assured that I will post it here when they announce it.  ^_^  So stay tuned… 🙂

I already posted before that the Boys Over Flowers cast are going to do some promotions here in the Philippines. And I just heard today from my fangirl sister that the actors who are coming are Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, and Goo Hye Sun.  So congratulations to the Minho and Km Bum fangirls! 

Pif.  The singer-actors are the ones who won’t be able to make it. What a waste. I want to see Kim Hyunjoong of SS501, while my sister wants Kim Joon of T-Max. Oh well.

26 thoughts on “[Philippines] Boys Over Flowers’ Lee Min Ho, Goo Hye Sun, and Kim Bum are going to visit the Philippines (ADDED NOTICE)

  1. i’d like to know when are they coming here in the phil,,,,?

    i am excited…

    but will be more excited if kim joon and kim hyung joong can come…


  2. Huwaaatttt?!!!! Kim Hyun Joong won’t come??? Noooooooooo!!!!
    My Joong Sunbae…really want to see you. Really want to show you my love… Please come! with SS501 gang! & Buin! haha


  3. ZOMG ! why can’t kim hyun joong come ! my god , he’s the only person i like in BOF! first i picked kim bum as my crush but i guess more ladies are in to him but i thought and thought until i finally knew that only a few has a crush on hyun-joong! oh i guess a lot but kim bum’s fans are more cause he’s too cute ! but for me hyun-joong is way too handsome and i think he’s nice ! and he’s role in BOF i think he is perfect there ! ok that’s all !


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  5. ,,wow i think its gonna be fun,,but its unfair for those fans that are here in province….hope they can visit here in pontevedra too….hehehe…just hoping,many fans are really in to them,here in my place,hope they can visit….oh,guys can someone inform me ,when they are going to visit in phil.pls..


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