[J-Pop] KAT-TUN Announces SUMMER’09 Break the Records Tour

And just as the 8th Consecutive day (in Tokyo Dome) was finishing and people getting ready for Osaka and June concerts, KAT-TUN had to shock everyone announcing that they would also be holding Summer concerts for a month.


KAT-TUN finished the historical first 8 consecutive days at Tokyo Dome with success this 22. KAT-TUN’s energy doesn’t stop. According to what they announced at the performance, they’ll be visiting 6 towns in 17 performances in a nation-wide tour since July 22nd to August 23rd. This month since 29th for three days, they will perform at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Taguchi Junnosuke, who is in preparation for the performances of June 14th and 15th at the Tokyo Dome said in high spirits [I think we can keep on. Even for a year is okay!]

Upcoming Concerts:
Osaka Dome
May 29-31

Tokyo Dome
June 14-15

KAT-TUN SUMMER’09 Break the Records Tour
(Tentative Title)


– Okinawa (Convention Center Exhibition Hall)

7/22 18:00
7/23 18:00

– Sendai

8/1 18:00
8/2 13:00 + 18:00

– Hiroshima (Green Arena)

8/8 18:00
8/9 12:00 + 16:00

– Fukuoka

8/12 18:00
8/13 14:00 + 18:00

– Niigata

8/15 18:00
8/16 12:00 + 16:00

– Hokkaido (General Sports Center)

8/22 18:00
8/23 13:00 + 17:00

Nikkan Sports, Sanspo, Sponichi, Chunichi, Daily co and Hochi Yomiuri


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