[J-Pop] Ayumi Hamasaki didn’t obtain permission for April PR event

Police are currently investigating a publicity event held last month by pop star Ayumi Hamasaki. She made surprise appearances in Shibuya to promote the release of her new book and new album, and it appears that her manager did not obtain the necessary permit for the event. Now, the case seems to be headed to the prosecutor’s office.

The PR event happened on April 7, at the front of the 109 building in Shibuya. Roughly 8,000 people gathered to see Hamasaki, resulting in temporarily blocked roads. Before her appearance at 109, she also paid unexpected visits to a few major record shops, going from store to store by car while some fans followed her on foot.

Even though the events officially took place in stores, police determined that the scope of the event required a permit for the use of the roads. Because a permit was never obtained, authorities revealed on Thursday that they plan to send the matter to the prosecutor’s office in order to further question the manager and Hamasaki herself.

Singer Hiromi Go, attending his own event in Tokyo on Thursday, offered a sympathetic comment about the case. Ten years ago, he was similarly prosecuted for holding an unannounced performance in Shibuya.



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