[Mandopop] Arron Yan and Calvin Chen invests their finances, the stock market recuperates making them 80 000NT

Arron Yan and Calvin Chen invests their finances, the stock market recuperates making them 80 000NT
Source: NOW News
Translated by: elvenstar87 @ asianfanatics

Fahrenheit’s Arron Yan and Calvin Chen are good at researching the stock market

Within Fahrenheit Arron Yan and Calvin Chen really have a technique in investing their finances, both frequently investing in shares. Seeing the recent rise in the stock market they must be really happy deep down. Arron also revealed that he bought some shares the previous day, he had never thought just a day after, it would reach its upper circuit limit (the maximum price the share can rise in that day). He sold the shares at the highest peak and in a short period profited about 80 000NT.

The new drama [Parfait Tic] will begin shooting on the 20th, the two male leads Arron and Calvin with the female lead Joanne Tseng will appear together, Only seeing the two extremely popular Fahrenheit members was enough to fill the whole location with passionate fans, making the atmosphere extremely lively. It is understood that this idol drama is an adaptation from a Japanese manga. The reason to why they found Arron and Calvin to take on the responsibility for the role was because they are extremely similar to the characters in the manga; especially Arron. When they first went to Japan to meet the original creator, Arron was hand-picked by the author.

Even though the drama hasn’t started shooting, the male and female leads have started rehearsing and attending lessons. Qiao Qiao (Joanne), who regularly cooperates with J-star (Taiwanese artist management company) male artists has expressed, no matter if its 5566 or if its 183club, in private their interactions are more like doing shows, so the venue will be really lively. As this is her 1st cooperation with Fahrenheit, and also because they are not very familiar, Qiao Qiao thought compared to before, the latter was more quiet.

On the same day, apart from the topics revolving around the new drama, everyone was also concerned about the current affairs. Just as well Arron and Calvin do a lot of research on financial investments, and recently since the stock market is returning, the two have admitted because of this, they have profited quite a lot and especially these past few days they have approximately earned between 80-100 000 NT.

Regarding this, Calvin has expressed that playing with shares his upper limit is 1,000,000 NT, he would never go above this limit, he’s also had to repay about 200 000NT which unlikely caused any big effects. In addition he said : “the current situation is harder than it was before, you have to do some homework. To be able to gain an upper circuit share is pretty good.” As for his own choice of shares, Calvin confesses that it really isn’t that good and that he hasn’t actually gained much profit, but it’s like a small business, after all this is his interest.


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