[Mandopop] Barbie Hsu: Vic Zhou was overly possessive

Barbie Hsu: Vic Zhou was overly possessive
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Patty Hou exposed that Vic Zhou was overly possessive of his ex-girlfriend, Barbie Hsu, demanding that she accompanied him whenever he is home and restricting her freedom to meet up with her friends. This resulted in their breakup.

The couple of two years called it quits last year with neither revealing the true reason for the breakup, leaving people to their own conjectures.

Recently, the famous Taiwanese host, Hou, friend of Hsu and co-actor with Zhou in a drama of sweet relationship, revealed the reason for the couple’s breakup over an interview session with the latter.

Hou said, “Whenever I call to ask Barbie out, she would tell me in a hush hush tone: I can’t, Vic is around.”

She added that Zhou would demand that Hsu refrain from talking to him whenever he was gaming or watching DVDs. Hou asked of Zhou, “Why do you keep watching the same DVD over and over again? And you have to make her watch it with you, keeping her away from her friends?”

The question made the F4 member embarrassed and he asked, “Who told you all these?” When he found out that his ex-girlfriend was the revealer, he laughed, “Don’t rack up the past. I was too obstinate then. I take pity on my ex-girlfriend.”

In a survey “Which ex-couple do you wish to see reconciled?” Hsu and Zhou were at top position with 54,000 votes, gaining 18,000 more votes than Hou and Jay Chou at second position.


8 thoughts on “[Mandopop] Barbie Hsu: Vic Zhou was overly possessive

  1. awwww……..im so upset about zic chou and his relationship, damn boy, is this how u wanna be a man………dont be to strick…….once u find someone that ur heart really beats for, then ur gonna face alot of hardmendship…….espcially when u become stricked……thats gonna be a OMG……for u, i feel bad if that happen…..T.C.C.I.C


  2. Awh. Really wanted them to be together. Now, it’s too late. They have their own families already. :3 Miss their sweetness… Huhuhu πŸ˜₯ Never really knew Vic was too over when it comes to relationships. Is he still like this to her present girlfriend? Or does he have one? I think he has based on some articles…


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