[Japan] Kusanagi to make TV comeback May 28 after indecency arrest

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, who was arrested last month for public indecency, will make his comeback in the entertainment business with the taping of a TV variety program on May 28, the talent agency he belongs to said Thursday. The program, “SMAP x SMAP,” a weekly show on Fuji Television Network, will be aired June 1.

Tokyo prosecutors have decided against indicting Kusanagi, 34, because he had expressed regret and had already suffered social embarrassment. The agency, Johnny & Associates, said his comeback had been decided on following repeated discussions with relevant parties in the advertising, television, cinema, radio, magazine and other businesses, lenient action by the authorities, and the opinions of many fans.

Kusanagi, a member of the pop group SMAP, was arrested naked and drunk in a central Tokyo park in the early hours of April 23.



One thought on “[Japan] Kusanagi to make TV comeback May 28 after indecency arrest

  1. Thank you very much for letting Tsuyoshi return to work.I believe
    that he really didn’t mean what he did and he will always be a nice person and will always be my favorite among japanese stars.
    Looking forward to his comeback.
    Japanese entertainment is not the same without Tsuyoshi.

    We miss him.


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