[J-Pop] Yamapi’s Sister loves TVXQ

Tomohisa Yamashita aka Yamapi (leader of popular JPOP group NEWS) has a sister that loves TVXQ/ DBSK / Tohoshinki. The sister is Yamashita Rina and she wrote on her personal blog on how awesome of a time she had at the TVXQ Concert in Saitama.

Yamapi and Yamashita Rina attended the concert with their mother, who’s also a big fan of TVXQ. While Rina is a big fan of Jaejoong and Micky, her mother is a big fan of Yunho. Yamashita stated that she waited forever for the concert and that it was 3 full hours of great entertainment. She also noted that all the boys are very handsome and they have great vocal talent. She wrote that she felt bad for Junsu because he’s performing on his leg even though he hurt it not too long ago.

credits: allkpop


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