[Manga/J-Drama] Oricon: live-action manga adaptations

With countless popular manga series being adapted to live-action in recent years, including the “Dragonball” film that was released in Japan this past March, research firm Oricon surveyed 900 men and women between the ages of 10 and 40 with the question, “Which manga would you like to see turned into live-action?”

The most popular answer was Takehiko Inoue’s basketball-themed comic “Slam Dunk,” followed by Eiichiro Oda’s action series “One Piece.” Karuho Shiina’s romance manga “Kimi ni Todoke” ranked 3rd.

1. Slam Dunk
2. One Piece
3. Kimi ni Todoke
4. Bokura ga Ita
6. Gintama
7. Ouran High School Host Club
8. Tenshi Nanka Janai
9. Fullmetal Alchemist
10. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure



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