[Mandopop] Challenging F4, Fahrenheit want to film Meteor Garden

Wu Chun Fever

To welcome Shanghai World Expo one year countdown, yesterday popular group Fahrenheit released a new World Expo MV <Huan Le Jie Pai 123> in Beijing. Because his injury has not healed, Wu Chun was limping when performing live. However, he said that he’s actively recuperating now. If there’s a chance, the four of them even want to film <Meteor Garden> together.

Wu Chun fractured his bone from Hong Kong Concert mishap. He still has not recovered until now, “During this period of time, I have requested the company for more resting time. I often sit on a wheelchair not because I’m in pain, but rather to give my leg more recovery time.” Fahrenheit is busy preparing their pictorial book which will be released in a few months, but they hope that they will have a chance to do a <Meteor Garden> remake. Jiro Wang said “Actually we’ve always wanted to act in a drama together, but there’s no script. Inspired by the recent Korean’s <Boys Over Flowers>, we also want to do this series. As long as it follows the original work, there is a possibility.” Regarding rumors of disbandment, Fahrenheit once again emphasized, “We still have a lot of dreams to fulfill, so we will not disband.”

Credits: Fahrenheit Globa1 and sweetybunny
Translated by: gigi@FahrenheitGloba1


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