[Mandopop] Jolin Tsai and her five cosmetic surgeries

since I’m currently listening to Jolin’s “Ni Hai Ai Wo Ma”, I might as well post this.

Jolin Tsai and her five cosmetic surgeries
Diva Asia

POP princess Jolin Tsai has undergone five surgeries to enhance her looks. This was told by local aesthetic surgeon Dr Woffles Wu to Lianhe Wanbao.

Following the tremendous success of her first single “Living with the world”, which was released in 1999, Jolin has captured the hearts of Mandarin pop followers ever since.

But rumours of her change in physical appearance has also been rife.

Dr Wu pointed out that when Jolin first started her career in the entertainment industry, she looked very much like the typical China doll – the shape of her face was round and undefined.

“She’s got quite a pretty girl-next-door look, but she looked too innocent and childish.

“She looked like she lacked worldly experience,” told Dr Wu to Lianhe Wanbao.

Dr Wu told the Chinese evening daily that Jolin now looks more mature, her features are sharp, defined, proportionate and she now looks like the “conventional beauty”.

He pointed out five areas which he reckoned Jolin had aesthetic enhancements but he also disclaimed his speculations, saying that it could also be due to make-up techniques.

“We have to admit that make-up does wonders!”, said Dr Wu.

Here’s what Dr Wu thinks:

The bridge is obviously higher and it is definitely sharper. This has altered her entire look dramatically.

Her eyes are obviously larger now. This could be due to make up but if her eyes still look the same without make-up, then it definitely means that she did something to her eyes.

Upon close observation, Jolin used to have eyebags that were rather obvious, but now it seems like they have disappeared. It has also given her a “cleaner” and fresher look. Draining away excess fats in eyebags also causes the eyes to look larger and more natural.

Her lips look slightly fuller now. This could be due to lipstick but Jolin might have enhanced them.

“I don’t even need to look at her old pictures to guess that she probably needs some assistance there”, said Dr Wu.

He pointed out that breast augmentation does not necessarily have to be done using breast implants – injections are also another way to make the breasts fuller.

However, Dr Wu noted that there are people who are slim yet well-endowed and Jolin might possibly be one of the “luckier” ones.


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