[J-Rock] Sugizo becomes X JAPAN’s 6th member!

Sugizo becomes X Japan’s 6th member!!!

According to JaME USA and X Japan’s official website, SKIN, Juno Reactor and Luna Sea guitarist Sugizo is going to be the 6th member of the legendary J-Rock band! Quoting from his blog entry, he said “Right now, X JAPAN requires SUGIZO as its sixth member, and I want to respectfully fulfill their needs.”

Sugizo is in a “difficult” position right now, in terms of position, because he’s filling in the position of the late hide.


3 thoughts on “[J-Rock] Sugizo becomes X JAPAN’s 6th member!

  1. Sugizo is a really nice guitarist and he can play anything

    But I just feel that X-japan is not really suited for Sugizo or is it the other way around? (Sugizo is not suited for X-Japan).

    Because he just play very differently than Hide


    • I am LUNA SEA fans,all I can say is SUGIZO join X JAPAN only to help X JAPAN accomplish their world tour and to leave final impression,also to complete X final works.So it won’t be forever,though it may take few years,lol.But SUGIZO will always be LUNA SEA,since he himself said that.And on May 29 (on LUNA SEA anniversary),he clearly said that LUNA SEA still making music,and he said that he wants to treasure precious thing known as LUNA SEA (source:his myspace blog). xD


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