[J-Movie] Gokusen the Movie’s Trailer Streamed Online

The official website for the live-action theatrical film based on Kozueko Morimoto’s Gokusen school comedy manga is streaming the film’s trailer. (In the linked page, select the “予告編” link in the bottom menu, and then select the “予告” video on the righthand side.) The website is also still streaming the teaser trailer for the film. 29-year-old Yukie Nakama is reprising her starring role of Kumiko “Yankumi” Yamaguchi, the high school teacher with yakuza ties, one last time for the film. The film will serve as a finale to the three television seasons that Toya Sato (live-action Grave of the Fireflies, Sexy Voice and Robo) directed from 2002 to 2008. Veteran film director Junya Satō (live-action Golgo 13) is assisting Sato on the new project.

Shun Oguri, Yuma Ishigaki, and Hiroki Narimiya will reprise their roles from the first season, and Kazuya Kamenashi, Mocomichi Hayami, Teppei Koike, and Keisuke Koide return from the second season. The film will focus primarily on students seen in the last season, as played by Haruma Miura (Ren Kazama), Yuuya Takaki (Yamato Ogata), and Yūta Tamamori of the Johnny’s Jr. idol group Kis-My-Ft2.

Media Blasters released the television animated version of the manga in North America from 2004 to 2005.


[K-Pop] SM Entertainment’s New Girl Band

SM Entertainment will now be debuting a new girl group, said to be the female version of SHINee.
The groups name is set to be “Crystal”, for they will be “the crystals of the generation”, by setting a good example and having absolutely no plastic surgery on any of the members.

The group “Crystal” had been preparing for the past 3 years with trainers from the U.S., claiming their training was different from that of SNSD. Check out the members:

Name: Anna Sun
Birth: 1990
Lead vocals and rapper

Name: Yoo Seung Yeon
Birth: 1992
Leader, main rapper and vocalist

Name: Lee Nara
Birth: 1990
Lead dancer a.k.a the only one who can’t sing

Name: Noh Da Eun
Birth: December 12, 1989
Main vocalist

Name: Yoo Do Yeon
Birth: 1994
Main dancer, vocalist

They even recognized their SHINee counter parts: Onew=Lara, JongHyun=DaEun, Key=San, Minho=Syeon and Taemin= DoYeon. They are set to debut around July or August of this year.

credits: allkpop.com, asianfanatics.net

[Japan/Philippines] PolyEast clears Martin of plagiarism of Jyongri’s Kimi ga Ireba

PolyEast clears Martin of plagiarism

May 30, 2009, 11:21pm

Martin Nievera’s record label PolyEast Records squashed allegations that the singer plagiarized a Japanese song used in the recent Judy Ann Santos-Ryan Agoncillo wedding special of ABS-CBN.

Chito Ilagan, PolyEast Records Artist & Repertoire Manager, told Manila Bulletin Online that they commissioned Nievera to write English lyrics for “Unchanging Love,” originally by Korean-Japanese J-Pop singer Jyongri, with permission from EMI Music Japan.

“We picked it from a bundle of songs sent to us by EMI Japan,” he said. “We told Martin to rewrite the lyrics but retain the title.”

“Unchanging Love” was the 5th single from Jyongi’s “Love Forever” CD. The song –originally titled “Unchanging Love : Kimi Ga Ireba” – reached number two in the Japanese iTunes chart in 2008.

Ilagan added that Nievera got PolyEast’s approval to give the rewritten version of the song to Judy Ann and Ryan. Nievera eventually ended up singing “Unchanging Love” at the couple’s wedding reception.

“But Martin never said that he wrote the song,” said Ilagan. “What he’d always say was that he wrote English lyrics in lieu of the original. It’s not plagiarism when there’s permission and acknowledgement.”

And although EMI Music Japan only got a copy of Nievera’s lyrics a week after the TV special aired, Ilagan said that it poses no problem.

“It’s a matter of trust between EMI Japan and PolyEast Records. They are confident that any song they give us would be used fittingly. It’s just formalities that we had to send them Martin’s lyrics.”

“Unchanging Love” will be the title track of Zsa Zsa Padilla’s for-release album under PolyEast Records. Ilagan said they might also use Martin’s version in his next album with the songwriting credited to Nievera and Jyongri.

This is the second time in 2009 that Nievera had been embroiled in controversy for his version of a song.

A few weeks back, Nievera was panned by some local politicians for his rendition of “Lupang Hinirang” at the Pacquiao-Hatton match.


Thanks to Maneki Neko-san of Japinoy for posting this ^_^

[Japan/America] BoA at VMA Japan & Next Single “Energetic”

With CAA by her side, BoA is renewing her energy to strike America by storm! She will be taking the stage on Sunday, June 28th, to perform at San Francisco Pride 2009. BoA will be joining other headliners such as Solange Knowles and The Cliks. Lady Gaga was on the verge of success when she performed “Just Dance” at last year’s San Francisco Pride. Will BoA follow Lady Gaga’s success and have her chance to shine?

In other news, BoA performed her latest single “I Did it for Love” with Sean Garrett for the first time last night (May 30th) at the Japanese VMA’s. BoA looked stunning as she donned her half cornrolled look in black and white attire with knee high boots while Sean Garrett was in a preppy varsity sweater, rolled up dark jeans, and golfer cap. The duo looked very happy to be performing and continued to hype the crowd until the end of their performance. So far, this is one of BoA’s best performance for “I Did It For Love”.

‘BoA, did it did it did it for love. Hey, Sean, did it did it did it for love. Japan! We did it did it did it for love!’

BoA and Sean Garrett also took part in the VMAJ’s Red Carpet where both confirmed that the next single off her first U.S. album ‘BoA’ will be “Energetic”. This news was delivered by both BoA and Sean Garrett themselves, so unless our ears are misleading us, this is confirmed. “Energetic” is another song written by Sean Garrett. “Report to the dance floor”. A great line and song for a dance show like “So You Think You Can Dance”, no? Can this next single put BoA on the charts and grab everyone’s attention? Let’s just hope that BoA’s management will let her get some rest when she comes back from Japan so that she can really live up to ‘feeling so energetic’ because we sure are! BoAjjang!!

Site: http://www.BoAjjang.com
News Update: Rockwithme192 (BoAjjang.com)
Writeup/Editing: Rockwithme192 (BoAjjang.com), Uni (BoAjjang.com)
News/Image Source: bokachu (BoAjjang.com), VMA Japan, BoA & Sean Garrett

[K-Pop] Sandara Park : “I have no regrets about giving up on entertainment career in the Philippines”

Sandara Park talks about not having being able to continue on her entertainer career in the Philippines as “no regrets”.

She said in a recent interview, “I was promoting as an entertainer in the Philippines, but I took the bold step and went on as YG trainee. But I have no regrets about not being able to continue my entertainer career in the Philippines.”

“Of course, training as a YG trainee, I have no guarantee for debut. I have no guarantee for success, but because I have dreams to be a Korean entertainer, I worked hard on it.”

Dara has been a reporter, actress and singer in the Philippines. She began to gain interests from Koreans after KBS introduced her in one of the programmes. When she went to Korea for a visit, she was given a basic test from YG Entertainment and then joined as a trainee a month later.

She went over to live in Korea and trained for 3 years before debuting as 2NE1.

After first about joining 2NE1, YG was a little doubtful about it. Because it seems that she has yet to get the hip hop ‘feel’. But Dara worked hart to show satisfaction. She kept listening to hip hop music and dance to hip hop dance.

About the photoshoot that became the topic amongst netizens lately taken in the Philippines, Dara explained about it. The idea of the photoshoot was suggested by one of the seonbae. But the photoshoot concept turned out to be different from what she thought.

Plus back then the atmosphere to the photoshoot was serious, she thought she could not run away from it. And with that she did a ’sexy’ photoshoot.

source: kbites

[J-Celeb] Kusanagi returns to showbiz after arrest

Pop star Tsuyoshi Kusanagi expressed joy at his return to the entertainment business Thursday, about a month after he was arrested for stripping naked in a Tokyo park while under the influence of alcohol.

‘‘I will strive anew as a member of (music group) SMAP. I feel happy that I can work as one of the members,’’ Kusanagi, 34, told reporters, appearing nervous as he joined the taping of the ‘‘SMAP x SMAP’’ TV variety program in Tokyo.

Kusanagi said that during the time he stayed away from entertainment activities, he read books or did squats and other exercises at home. ‘‘I tried to stay healthy both in body and mind,’’ he said.

The program is a weekly show on Fuji Television Network and Thursday’s taping will be aired Monday. Kusanagi will also appear on Fuji’s daily lunchtime program ‘‘Waratte Iitomo’’ on Friday.A Japanese pop star who was arrested last month after dancing drunk and naked in a Tokyo park returned to the limelight Thursday.

Kusanagi had voluntarily stayed out of the public eye since his April 23 arrest on suspicion of public indecency. But prosecutors dropped charges after Kusanagi profusely apologized in a nationally televised news conference and promised not to overdrink again.

In Japan, misbehaving celebrities voluntarily stop working, sometimes for years if the scandal is serious, because they are expected to be role models in a conformist and reserved society.

In his comeback news conference, Kusanagi, wearing a dark suit and tie, sometimes paused over his words, overcome with emotion, when he vowed to never cause such hardships for his fellow SMAP members, who had repeatedly bowed in apology on TV shows. One had even wept.

“I was overcome with joy,” he told reporters when recalling his telephone conversations earlier in the day with SMAP members. “I am so happy that I am going to be able to work again with them.”

His arrest was the top news item here with major TV networks repeatedly broadcasting footage of a glum Kusanagi being escorted to a police van. Almost immediately, public sentiments went out to him as a police raid of his home failed to turn up evidence of more serious crimes. High-profile commentators said he should be forgiven.

Kusanagi’s comeback came relatively soon—after just 35 days.

“The support of my fans was what kept me going, and I am filled with gratitude,” he said.

The slender, long-haired Kusanagi was a regular on several Japanese TV shows. He has also starred in movies. Fluent in Korean, he is also popular in South Korea.

Besides canceled appearances, TV commercials starring Kusanagi, including government ones for digital terrestrial TV broadcasting, were taken off the air. But they, too, are expected to return.

Japan Today

[Philippines] Boys Over Flowers’ Lee Min Ho, Goo Hye Sun, and Kim Bum are going to visit the Philippines (ADDED NOTICE)

NOTICE: The date of their visit is still unknown, but rest assured that I will post it here when they announce it.  ^_^  So stay tuned… 🙂

I already posted before that the Boys Over Flowers cast are going to do some promotions here in the Philippines. And I just heard today from my fangirl sister that the actors who are coming are Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, and Goo Hye Sun.  So congratulations to the Minho and Km Bum fangirls! 

Pif.  The singer-actors are the ones who won’t be able to make it. What a waste. I want to see Kim Hyunjoong of SS501, while my sister wants Kim Joon of T-Max. Oh well.