[J-Rock] ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION presents Nano-Mugen Compilation 2009 [w/ T-shirt, Limited Edition]

Compilation album release from the performers of the event “Nano-Mugen Fes. 2009” featuring new songs of Asian Kang-fu Generation and more. Includes an original T-shirt.

Catalog No.: KSCL-1405
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Release Date: 2009/07/01

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[Japan] Hana Yori Dango gang congratulates Abe Tsuyoshi

Abe Tsuyoshi (27), a member of F4 from the drama Hana Yori Dango announced his marriage on 27th April. His wife is Chinese actress, Shi Ke (29). They registered their marriage on 26th April.

Inoue Mao (22)
(On the 26th, through mail and phone) I heard about the marriage and was surprised because it was so sudden. But at the same time, I felt happy. I’m jealous of the one to be the wife of the honest and sincere Tonton (Abe’s pet name). I pray for the happiness of the couple who have obtained the love for eternity.

Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun (25)
I was surprised when I got the mail yesterday. Abe-kun, to be the first to get married among us… is surprising. During filming and in private, Abe-kun is so kind. I think he will make a good husband! They will certainly build a lovely family. Let’s get together for a meal, together with your wife next time.

Oguri Shun (26)
Terrific! You’re so cool Tonton! I want to follow in the footsteps of such a fantastic man like you too (*laugh*). Best wishes!


[J-Movie] Kamenashi Kazuya back in Gokusen

Kazuya Kamenashi is making his big screen debut in the upcoming “Gokusen” movie, it was announced on Wednesday. Kamenashi previously co-starred with Yukie Nakama in the second season of the television drama in 2005.

In the drama, Kamenashi played the role of Ryu Odagiri, the delinquent leader of Class 3D. Now, Odagiri is returning four years later as a teacher in training, teaming up with his former teacher “Yankumi” (Nakama).

The movie’s cast also features students from the show’s third season and subsequent special, including Yuya Takaki, Haruma Miura, and Yuta Tamamori. The film is scheduled to hit theaters on July 11.


[J-Pop] New Puffy album packed with collaborations

Pop duo Puffy revealed the contents of their next album, “Bring it!,” through their official website. The album is full of collaborations, with songs written and composed by artists such as Ringo Shiina, Kazuyoshi Saito, Takeshi Hosomi (of ELLEGARDEN), Masahiko Shimura (of Fujifabric), and Butch Walker.

“Bring it!” contains a total of 13 tracks, with the last one being their cover of Sugar’s “Wedding Bell” that is being used in the Fuji TV drama series “Konkatsu!” The first press edition of the CD comes with a DVD of Puffy’s 2005 performance in San Francisco.

01. I Don’t Wanna(Words & Music:Butch Walker & Avril Lavigne)
02. マイストーリー(Words:PUFFY Music:Anders Hellgren & David Myhr)
03. Bye Bye(Words & Music:志村正彦)
04. My Hero!(Words & Music:Roger Joseph Manning Jr.)
05. 主演の女(Words & Music:椎名林檎)
06. DOKI DOKI(Words & Music:志村正彦)
07. Twilight Shooting Star!(Words & Music:山中さわお)
08. 晴れ女(Words & Music:斉藤和義)
09. All Because Of You(Words & Music:Butch Walker & Avril Lavigne)
10. あなたとわたし(Words:PUFFY Music:斎藤有太)
11. 日和姫(Words & Music:椎名林檎)
12. Bring it on(Words:大貫亜美 music:細美武士)

<Bring it back!>
13. ウェディング・ベル(Words & Music:古田喜昭)


[America] Se7en poses with famous American celebrities

Much interests are raised with photos of singer Se7en, who recently released his American debut single ‘Girls’ in March, posing together with other famous American celebrities released online.

Some photos of Se7en at the ‘US Weekly Hot Hollywood Party’ were uploaded on Se7en’s official webpage on the 23rd. The party took place on the 22nd in LA America, and Se7en was seen posing with R&B singer Estelle, model Kardashian etc.

Famous blogger Perez Hilton and singer Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter singer-cum-actress Kelly Osbourne were also present at the party.

Se7en is still currently promoting his debut American single ‘Girls’.

source: kbites