[America] Utada launches MySpace karaoke contest

Hikaru Utada’s newest album, “This Is The One,” will finally see a CD release in the United States on May 12. To promote and celebrate the release, Utada has teamed up with MySpace Karaoke for a special contest.

Using the MySpace Karaoke service, contestants can submit a recording of themselves singing Utada’s “Come Back to Me.” Utada herself will select the winner, who will get the opportunity (along with three friends) to hang out with Utada to sing karaoke together.

The contest is running from April 26 to May 11. More information is available at the MySpace Karaoke website.


[J-Pop] Japan minister: Shame on Tsuyoshi Kusanagi!

Japan minister: Shame on Tsuyoshi Kusanagi!
Yahoo News

The public nudity scandal of Japanese celebrity Tsuyoshi Kusanagi was immediately magnified to a political level because the actor was the face of a government campaign. The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, Kunio Hatoyama, called Kusanagi’s drunkard act a “shameless” one.

The member of popular Japanese boy band SMAP was arrested on suspicion for public indecency last Wednesday night at a Tokyo park when he shrieked at the top of his voice and ran naked in the park, arousing the neighbours from their sleep.

When he came to his senses, Kusanagi explained that he was drinking at a bar with his friends but that could not remember his actions after leaving the bar. He expressed his apologies at the police station in his lawyer’s presence and promised to reflect on his misbehaviour. Talent agency, Johnny and Associates, has also openly expressed their apologies for their talent’s lewd act.

Clients, who have hired him to endorse their products, suspended advertisements with Kusanagi almost immediately after news of the scandal broke out. Among them are Japan’s national public broadcaster, NHK, and Toyota car rental service.

The Japanese government, who has hired the 34-year-old to promote Japan’s switch from analogue to digital TV broadcasting for the next two years, has also passed down order to pull down all the ten million posters that feature Kunasagi, a measure expected to result in heavy losses.

Japan Fuji Television and TV Asahi are still considering if they will put on hold the programmes that Kusanagi has been casted in.

[K-Pop]SHINee to Debut in Japan

As much as I love SHINee, I am sooo sick of Korean singers starting a J-Pop career!!!  TVXQ, Younha, and BoA are enough!!! >_<

Continuing on after their seniors DBSK & Super Junior, SHINee will be debuting in Japan too.
KJnet who plans Hallyu Events like concerts & fan meetings officially announced that SHINee will visit Japan for the first time on August 10th and will have a event at the Nigano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo.

As soon as SHINee’s 1st visit and fan event in Japan was announced, questions from the fans started pouring in. The tickets will be on sale starting the 26th.

SHINee is planning to release a album in Japan as well. They are preparing a surprise event which will target the CD buyers.

Source: Yonhap News
Translations: Sanbi

[J-Pop] NEWS to host “24 Hour Television”

NTV has announced that its annual charity telethon “24 Hour Television” will have popular boy band NEWS as its main personalities this year. Now in its 32nd year, the telethon has featured Johnny’s talents for seven years straight.

This year’s telethon will be at Tokyo Big Sight instead of the usual Nippon Budokan. The event, whose theme is “START! ~Ippo wo Fumidasou~,” will be held on August 29-30.


[J-Pop] Lyricist Sonoda arrested for drugs

Lyricist Ryoji Sonoda (33) was arrested on Monday for the use of illegal stimulants, it has been learned. Police from Tokyo’s Azabu ward stated that Sonoda’s urine test turned up positive for the drug. He is also said to have admitted to the crime.

Sonoda has written lyrics for many hit songs by top artists such as SMAP, BoA, TVXQ, and MISIA.


[J-Pop] Deer character unveiled as Kusanagi’s successor for digital TV commercials

Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Kunio Hatoyama, 60, on Monday unveiled the new character that will promote the switch from analogue to digital television broadcasts. Hatoyama had some harsh words last week for popular group SMAP’s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi – also the face of the digital TV campaign – after he was arrested for indecent exposure. But he was more supportive on Monday when he said: “I believe Kusanagi will reflect on his actions and bounce back. In his absence we’ll need our new character to do his best.”

According to the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters’ website, the new deer character “Chidejika” was born on Dec 1, 2003, is 2 meters tall and weighs about 15 to 20 kilograms. He is calm under pressure but can be a bit nosy. He likes salad but not the crackers often fed to other deer, and will feature in the association’s commercials and posters from next month.


[K-Pop] SNSD’s Tiffany and Jessica are “Pretty and Trendy”

i’m just posting this because BoA was mentioned. Hehe. They even called her SM’s best star ^_^

Lim Eerang reporte
Translations: kkbluvv@soshified.com/forums
Credits: mydaily.co.kr

While the local media of New Orleans was staying in the States, they talked about their meeting with SNSD members, Tiffany and Jessica.

The New Orleans broadcast station site WWWTV.COM of the most recent Korean entertainers from SM Entertainment, reported that record during their visit. This discussion is about SM Entertainment’s system being introduced and is focused on the President of these entertainment companies, Lee Sooman and the best star BoA.

SM Entertainment made the group, SNSD, a star. This story is about the two group members, Tiffany and Jessica being interviewed. Tiffany and Jessica are the two members of SNSD who are fluent in English.

This discussion is “I met Jessica and Tiffany from the group SNSD. Both girls are beautiful and trendy. They also speak Korean and English fluently”, and this was the first impression of the two members.

What was also said was “Just a few years ago, both girls were attending California National High School when they were teenagers. President Lee Sooman used his scouting system to find them, and they were brought to Korea where they were trained. Now, they have become sincere popstars.”

While Jessica was speaking during the interview, she said, “I want to go back to the States someday, but I’m having a lot of fun being a singer in Korea” and, “When I first told my friends I was going to Korea to become a singer, they laughed and made fun of me”, however, now they are probably “doing really great” and explained how she became a different person.