[C-Pop] Twins will celebrate their 10 year anniversary with fans next year!

Submitted by: ToBeOrNotToBe
Translated by: ChuChu @ asianfanatics
Source: CCT Twins Mainland Fanclub

Twins will celebrate their 10 year anniversary with fans next year!

Charlene Choi, today attended the “Greater China music surges” activitiy, they stepped on Black ” microphone mouth” cards to express lipsynching. Other artist there include G.E.M, William Chan, Yumkio Cheung, FAMA, Kay Tse, etc. Although, Charlene agree with some television stations recommending singers to mouth just to facilitate the control of air-time program, she said: “Sometimes I am forced to mouth even if I want to sing live, the organizers just tell me to lip synch, follow the sound.” When asked about Twins, Ah Sa said that next year will be Twins’ 10th anniversary, she hope that Twins fans gathering will be held.

Although, this year is already ah Sa’s tenth year in the showbiz, she said that she is still young. She said time flies when you are in the industry, it just seem like the other day when she debut. Now when she attend function there are many new faces in the industry, and they respect her sometimes calling her senior, which she said it takes some getting used to, since she is still young. She hopes that next year when Twins have their 10th anniversary, fans that follow them through the decade could all celebrate together. Regarding Twins numerous disbanding rumor, Charlene said that even though no time is set for their comeback at the present do to inidividual comittments, Twins are not disbanding.

In a weekly magazine, reports are saying ah Sa is about to burst from pressure, and she needs to seek medical treatment, she said: “Reading the report is like comedy, I don’t know why they said I have pressure so I must visit a psychological doctor, I am very healthy. My way of getting rid of pressure is by eatting and sleeping,” and she hope that these reports don’t show up again.


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