[Korea/Japan] Boys Before Flowers Japan Promotions in Vain because of Kusanagi Tsuyoshi?

Korean drama Boys Before Flowers promotion in Japan recently might be severely affected following the arrest of SMAP member, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi early this morning on suspicion of public indecency in a park in Tokyo’s Minato-ku. He was apparently seen naked and sitting in the park by a local resident at 3am this morning who called the police subsequently. When cornered by the police, Kusanagi who appeared to be severely intoxicated shouted out incomprehensible statements and even said, “What’s so bad about being naked?”. He was subsequently hauled off to the police station and has admitted to the allegations filed against him.

What implications does this have for Boys Before Flowers? Programs hosted by Kusanagi including SMAPXSMAP, etc could be stopped. And this does not affect just Boys Before Flowers only because the programs that Kusanagi hosts are representative programs that introduce Korean stars to Japanese viewers. This is not only a big blow to Japanese tv stations but also to Korean stars doing promotions in Japan. But Boys Before Flowers will be the worst hit at the moment as they had visited Japan not too long ago for promotions. Because of this unfortunate incident, their recording of SMAPXSMAP might not see daylight at all, rendering their Japan promotions meaningless and severely hampering the success of the drama broadcast in Japan. Discussions are now underway between the various tv stations.

All is not lost though, as the Boys Before Flowers cast have recorded a 30 minute talkshow with TBS Sakasusan. Initially it was mistaken that F4 and Goo Hye Sun were given less than two minutes of air-time. But it was later made known that they had arrived late for the live show and had only arrived at the very last moment. The 30 minute talkshow recorded after the end of the live broadcast will be shown very soon.

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[C-Pop] Twins will celebrate their 10 year anniversary with fans next year!

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Twins will celebrate their 10 year anniversary with fans next year!

Charlene Choi, today attended the “Greater China music surges” activitiy, they stepped on Black ” microphone mouth” cards to express lipsynching. Other artist there include G.E.M, William Chan, Yumkio Cheung, FAMA, Kay Tse, etc. Although, Charlene agree with some television stations recommending singers to mouth just to facilitate the control of air-time program, she said: “Sometimes I am forced to mouth even if I want to sing live, the organizers just tell me to lip synch, follow the sound.” When asked about Twins, Ah Sa said that next year will be Twins’ 10th anniversary, she hope that Twins fans gathering will be held.

Although, this year is already ah Sa’s tenth year in the showbiz, she said that she is still young. She said time flies when you are in the industry, it just seem like the other day when she debut. Now when she attend function there are many new faces in the industry, and they respect her sometimes calling her senior, which she said it takes some getting used to, since she is still young. She hopes that next year when Twins have their 10th anniversary, fans that follow them through the decade could all celebrate together. Regarding Twins numerous disbanding rumor, Charlene said that even though no time is set for their comeback at the present do to inidividual comittments, Twins are not disbanding.

In a weekly magazine, reports are saying ah Sa is about to burst from pressure, and she needs to seek medical treatment, she said: “Reading the report is like comedy, I don’t know why they said I have pressure so I must visit a psychological doctor, I am very healthy. My way of getting rid of pressure is by eatting and sleeping,” and she hope that these reports don’t show up again.

[J-Pop] SMAP’s Kusanagi Tsuyoshi free after arrest for drunk strip

TOKYO (AFP) — Japanese pop star Tsuyoshi Kusanagi was released, one day after being arrested on public indecency charges for allegedly being drunk and naked in a Tokyo park, prosecutors said.

The 34-year-old pop idol reportedly told police he did not remember stripping off after drinking about 10 beers and spirits in a night-time escapade that has cost him a string of lucrative advertising deals.

Companies including Toyota Motor Corp. and Procter and Gamble and one ministry said they would pull commercials featuring the pop idol and actor, long popular in Japan and beyond for his squeaky clean image.

Local media have reported every step of the saga since Kusanagi, a member of the wildly popular boy band SMAP that first gained fame in the early 1990s, was arrested before dawn Thursday following complaints from a neighbour.

The naked pop star was singing and muttering incoherently in the park near Tokyo’s Roppongi nightclub district and struggled with officers when they detained him and wrapped him in a sheet, media reports said.

Kusanagi later recalled having drunk more than 10 glasses of beer and Japanese shochu liquor Wednesday night and reportedly told police that “there was something that I was really frustrated about.”

Police said a urine test and a search of his apartment — which angered his mostly female fans and led scores to bombard police with phone complaints — found no evidence of illegal drug abuse, media reports said.

The incident infuriated Communications Minister Kunio Hatoyama, whose ministry has featured Kusanagi in its campaign to promote the 2011 start of nationwide terrestrial digital broadcasting.

Hatoyama, a conservative former justice minister, called Kusanagi a “disgusting” man after his arrest but retracted the remark Friday.

Boy band SMAP — which stands for “Sports Music Assemble People” — became hugely popular in Japan and elsewhere in Asia with a string of chart-topping hits.

Its members have moved on to roles in television dramas and movies, and Kusanagi has starred in films and featured in many commercials.

In South Korea, he is better known as “Cho Nan Kang” and is admired for his good command of the Korean language.


[J-Pop] Leah Dizon gave birth to a baby girl :)

Gravure idol and singer Leah Dizon (22) has just become a proud parent. She gave birth to a daughter in a Tokyo hospital during the early hours of April 24, about three days later than her expected delivery date. Dizon’s agency says that both she and the baby are healthy. The idol plans to reveal more details soon on her personal blog.

Dizon married a stylist known as “BUN” (29) last October, after learning that she was pregnant.

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Woot! Congrats to her 🙂

[C-Movie] Shu Qi will be a part of the Cannes Jury

China’s Shu Qi among Cannes Jury

Chinese film star Shu Qi will have a say in deciding this year’s winner of the world’s biggest film festival.

The Taiwan-born actress is part of the eight-member jury panel that was announced on Thursday by the 62nd Cannes International Film Festival.

French actress Isabelle Huppert, a two-time best actress award winner at Cannes, will lead the panel. Other jury members include Italian actress, director and screenwriter Asia Argento; Nuri Bilge Ceylan, a Turkish director, screenwriter and actor; Lee Chang-dong, a director from South Korea; American director James Gray; British writer Hanif Kureishi; and Robin Wright Penn, an American actress.

The jury will decide the winner for the coveted Golden Palm, the top prize of the Cannes festival.

This will not be Shu Qi’s first appearance in Cannes. She was there in 2005, when her film “Three Times”, directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien, was nominated for that year’s Golden Palm.

Besides Shu Qi, actress Zhang Ziyi is another Chinese judge at this year’s festival. Zhang is among the five-member jury that will select the winner of the award for best short film.

The festival runs May 13-24.

[K-Pop] Lee Junki’s comment on his ‘scandal’ with BoA

Actor and new singer Lee Jun Ki personally explained the scandal between him and BoA.” He said “While it is true that Lee Hyori set BoA and me up on a blind date, we never went out. Instead, we chose to remain friends.” The photos that surfaced on the net back in 2006 left lots of fans curious and speculating. It also didn’t help that Hyori revealed that she had been the one who had introduced them to each other at Lee Junki’s birthday in 2007.

Catch this episode of Golden Fishery on 29th April and 6th May.

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[J-Pop] TVXQ and Big Bang are starring Mnet JAPAN series, Broadcast in May

Popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang currently are doing activities for a program which will be broadcast in Japan.

Mnet Japan will broadcast series of ‘I Love TVXQ (I LOVE东方神起)’ and ‘I Love Big Bang (I LOVE BIG BANG)’.

Mnet JAPAN made statement through their official website; ” ‘I Love TVXQ’ will be aired for 6 months while ‘I Love Big Bang’ be broadcast for four months,” it said. “The series will capture variety talk show, great live shows, and ended with music videos.”

‘I Love TVXQ’ will kick off on May 12th and aired every Tuesday while ‘I Love Big Bang’ will begin broadcasting on May 18th every Monday.

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