[Oricon] Most Beautiful People

American magazine People will soon be releasing its “100 Most Beautiful People” list, so Oricon has put together a small survey about “beautiful” Japanese celebrities. 1,000 men and women participated in the survey, which asked about both male and female celebrities.

The #1 answer for male celebrities was young actor Hiro Mizushima (25), though the survey was conducted just before he announced his marriage to singer Ayaka (21). Among female celebrities, the recently divorced Norika Fujiwara (37) was the #1 choice.


1. Hiro Mizushima
2. Gackt
3. Masaharu Fukuyama
4. Takuya Kimura
6. Hiroshi Tamaki
7. Junichi Okada
8. Koichi Domoto
9. Hideaki Takizawa
10. Shosuke Tanihara


1. Norika Fujiwara
2. Sayuri Yoshinaga
3. Yukie Nakama
4. Koyuki
5. Hitomi Kuroki
6. Nanako Matsushima
7. Misaki Ito
8. Yuko Takeuchi
9. Kou Shibasaki
10. Meisa Kurok

Survey conducted between 31 March 2009 and 3 April 2009 on a total of 1000 people, including middle and high school students, university students, men and women in their 20s, 30s and 40s.



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