[J-Drama] False alarm! MatsuJun didn’t say a tagalog line in his new drama!

From bamboo_halvsie@jdorama.com:

Just watched the episode premiere. the line is not tagalog and it’s not matsumoto’s voice.

from what I can pick up, it was “fuiripin (philippine) yarou wa yo!”. The “yarou wa yo!” part sounded like “hindi ako, kayo” Sweat

I’m not gonna be translating the words cuz it might spoil the series for some of you. (well, my japanese is conversational at best)

This dorama hit me deep personally because I am a Fil-Jap halvsie myself. one time a salaryman ojisan shouted at me with the words “Kaero! baka gajin, kusee!” (Go home, stupid foreigner! Sh!t!)). They’ve also stopped me at train stations to inspect if I have a valid alien registration card even though my nationality is Japanese. I hope this drama shows that mixed raced japanese exist in Japan’s so called Homogeneous society and that like them, We have dreams too.

Sorry for the speech (or rant) as my first post. Can’t help, almost teared up watching the first episode. highly recommended.

— credits to amatsu-san @ Japinoy πŸ™‚


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