[J-Pop] melody. finally spoke about her marriage with miyavi!

A few weeks ago, I was really shocked to find out that miyavi and melody. are married, moreover, melody.’s pregnant. No one exactly knows when or where the romance started. But melody. recently posted on her MySpage page, and it actually pertains to her marriage with the J-Rocker. Here it is:

Hey everybody!!
Really hope you all are doing great!!

Getting straight to the subject.

May I finally make my official announcement.

On March 14, 2009, I got married to 雅-miyavi-.
And our baby will be born sometime at the end of July.

First of all, I’d like to apologize again, to all fans and everyone involved.
I dont want this to sound like a lame excuse, but we really didnt mean for it to happen this way.
It really was a shock for us to hear the news that got out unexpectedly, and we were really saddened by all the confusion it caused. Honestly, we did not plan on hiding it.
We were so frustrated with the situation because we still couldn’t say anything even to clear things up after the news.
Anyways, enough of that!!! lol

To all Co-Miyavi,
I may be the newest to this Co-Miyavi family.
But I can tell that you all really love him, and he really loves all of you from the bottom of his heart!
Just like it says in the lyrics in one of his songs, because he holds you all soooo dear, I love you all too.
really, I dont want you to think Im taking him away from you… He is not going anywhere!! He lives for his music, work and of course YOU ALL, and that’s how I want him to be.
So I’d really appreciate if you’d kindly continue your support towards him.
Especially now that his new company J-glam Japanese Glamorous is finally launched, he needs all the support he can get!!! I will also do my best in anyway possible to help bring him to you.
And some of you were so kind enough to send messages my way also.
Thank you for warmly accepting me in to your family.

To my Ohana members,
I’m so sorry for leaving you all hanging for over half a year.
I think most of you are speculating things, but I feel like I have to take responsibility and explain up to what I can.
We got engaged last year in May, before he went on his world tour.
Things were fine until July last year… after hours of talking with my management, i had to chose to retire.
I guess I couldn’t have two good things in life at once.
I chose my happiness as a woman, as a human being. I felt very strongly that this love is something i cant just throw away like i always did in the past.
Please be assured that he is the most down to earth, loving, caring, and compassionate person I’ve ever met.
I hear that some of you went to his performance at Hibiya the other day. Thank you so much!!!
We are still young and there are a lot to learn from now on, but please kindly support and watch over us!!
I promise to make you all proud again in whatever direction life may take me.

Thanks for reading till the end…. it got a lot longer than i expected.
i’ll write again soon! and everyone in Houston who’s gonna watch him perform, you guys rock!!!


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