[J-Rock/REVIEW] VAMPS’ Evanescent PV and CD covers — OUT!

Hyde & Kaz’s much anticipated PV of their  first rock ballad “Evanescent” has been shown in Space Shower. You can also watch it here: http://m.pktv.tv/u2/index/d/zklyn.com.

Plus, the covers have also been revealed:



–credits to Sephiroth_FF @ JPM

About the song, it’s better than their first 2 singles, and it has a Laruku feel to it. Somehow, I feel like listening to a tetsu composition.  And Hyde’s vocals are divine!  Loved it!!! ^_^  For me the song, as a whole, is good. It’s not that outstanding like, let’s say Shallow Sleep, but it’s still pretty good.  And I have this feeling, that I will eventually love it to the extreme if the mp3 is out.

And about the PV… ooooh, I love it. It felt like I was watching the PV of Laruku’s Hitomi no Jyuunin… You know, the broken pieces getting back together and everything…  Plus, I love the calmness on Hyde’s face, as opposed to his wild ones, from the first heavy rock songs. The setting also gave a refreshing feeling, which completed the song very well. All in all, I loved the PV! ^_^  *two thumbs up*  I hope for more songs and PVs like this from VAMPS in the future! ^_^


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