[J-Pop] Tohoshinki & Ayumi Hamasaki’s Joint Stage at A-Nation 09; List of performers and sked

Tohoshinki will appear in a joint performance along with Japanese top singer, Ayumi Hamasaki.

The joint stage will take place in A-Nation 2009 on August 1st where Tohoshinki is participating to meet their local fans. Ever since A-Nation 2002, it’s been known that AVEX, one of Japan’s largest agencies which becomes Tohoshinki and Ayumi Hamasaki’s agency, has culture of joining its singers for a collaboration stage.

Just released in A-Nation 2009 official website, one of line up performances is including joint stage of Tohoshinki and Ayumi Hamasaki while the other performers are Koda Kumi, TRF, AAA, and other singers whom some of are not yet published.

A-Nation 2009 on August 1st will be held at Nagai Stadium, Kumamoto country park, Osaka and becomes the start of total 7 A-Nation 2009 shows all over the country. Tohoshinki will perform at 6 out of 7 shows. Tohoshinki has been participating since A-Nation 2006 “Come On – The Nation”.

Meanwhile, it’s already launched last month that Tohoshiki’s The Secret Code finale tour on July 4th and 5th will be held at the great Tokyo Dome.

source: SPN News
translated by: sharingyoochun


Full sked and complete list of performers:  (btw, BoA is back!)

They’re also going to perform OUTSIDE Japan! ^_^ And BoA’s back after 2 years! ^_^

List of Avex performers:

Ayumi Hamasaki


Tohoshinki (TVXQ)

Namie Amuro

Ai Otsuka

Koda Kumi

Anna Tsuchiya

Every Little Thing


Goto Maki



Miura Daichi

Da Pump


Do As Infinity


Tamaki Hiroshi




SPEED >;>; haven’t heard from them lately ^_^


Sked in Japan:

2009/6/27(土) 上海国際スタジアム 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:安室奈美恵・大塚愛ʍ 81;GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・後藤真希・土屋アンナ・TRF・ ;AAA・Do As Infinity・V6・misono
2009/7/11(土) 台北中山足球場 12:30/14:00
第一弾アーティスト安室奈美恵・大塚愛ᦊ 1;Every Little Thing・GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・後藤真希・玉木宏・TRF・AAA・Do As Infinity・鈴木亜実・浜崎あゆみ・V6・観月あり 373;
2009/7/18(土) 香港スタジアム 14:00/16:00
第一弾アーティスト:安室奈美恵・大塚愛ʍ 81;Every Little Thing・GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・後藤真希・TRF・AAA・Do As Infinity・浜崎あゆみ・V6
2009/8/1(土) 韓国オリンピックスタジアム 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:安室奈美恵・大塚愛ʍ 81;GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・土屋アンナ・TRF・東方神起・ ;Do As Infinity・鈴木亜美・V6・BoA
2009/8/8(土) 九州石油ドーム 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:EXILE・Every Little Thing・GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・後藤真希・TRF・Do As Infinity・鈴木亜美・SPEED・misono
2009/8/15(土) 宮城スタジアム 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:Every Little Thing・大塚愛・GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・TRF・AAA・Do As Infinity・鈴木亜美・三浦大知・misono
2009/8/22(土) 大阪長居陸上競技場13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:安室奈美恵・大塚愛ʍ 81;倖田來未・後藤真希・玉木宏・DA PUMP・TRF・AAA・Do As Infinity・鈴木亜美・SPEED・浜崎あゆみ・三浦大知& #65381;misono
2009/8/23(日) 大阪長居陸上競技場13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:安室奈美恵・大塚愛ʍ 81;Every Little Thing・GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・TRF・AAA・Do As Infinity・鈴木亜美・V6・BoA・三浦大知・misono
2009/8/29(土) 味の素スタジアム 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:大塚愛・GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・玉木宏・DA PUMP・TRF・東方神起・AAA・Do As Infinity・浜崎あゆみ・BoA・三浦大知・misono
2009/8/30(日) 味の素スタジアム 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:安室奈美恵・EXILE・Every Little Thing・倖田來未・DA PUMP・後藤真希・土屋アンナ・TRF・Do As Infinity・鈴木亜美・SPEED・浜崎あゆみ・V6・misono・観& #26376;ありさ

credit: LuverOfLuv @ Honey Flash & Negi @ JPM  + NEWS_fan @ BoAjjang

Sked OUTSIDE Japan:
2009/6/27(土) Shanghai International Stadium 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:Amuro Namie ・Otsuka Ai 81;GIRL NEXT DOOR・Koda Kumi・Goto Maki・Tsuchiya Anna・TRF・ ;AAA・Do As Infinity・V6・misono
2009/7/11(土) Taipei 中山足球場 12:30/14:00
第一弾アーティストAmuro Namie・Otsuka Ai 1;Every Little Thing・GIRL NEXT DOOR・Koda Kumi・Goto Maki ・Tamaki Hiroshi ・TRF・AAA・Do As Infinity・Suzuki Ami・Hamasaki Ayumi・V6・観月あり 373;
2009/7/18(土) Hong Kong Stadium 14:00/16:00
第一弾アーティスト:Amuro Namie・Otsuka Ai 81;Every Little Thing・GIRL NEXT DOOR・Koda Kumi・Goto Maki・TRF・AAA・Do As Infinity・Hamasaki Ayumi・V6
2009/8/1(土) Korea Olympic Stadium 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:Amuro Namie・Otsuka Ai 81;GIRL NEXT DOOR・Koda Kumi・Tsuchiya Anna・TRF・Tohoshinki・ ;Do As Infinity・Suzuki Ami・V6・BoA
2009/8/8(土) Kyushu Oil Dome 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:EXILE・Every Little Thing・GIRL NEXT DOOR・Koda Kumi・Goto Maki・TRF・Do As Infinity・Suzuki Ami・SPEED・misono
2009/8/15(土) Kyujou Stadium (?) 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:Every Little Thing・Otsuka Ai・GIRL NEXT DOOR・Koda Kumi・TRF・AAA・Do As Infinity・Suzuki Ami・Miura Daichi・misono
2009/8/22(土) Osaka 長居陸上競技場13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:Amuro Namie・Otsuka Ai 81;Koda Kumi・Goto Maki・Tamaki Hiroshi・DA PUMP・TRF・AAA・Do As Infinity・Suzuki Ami・SPEED・Hamasaki Ayumi・Miura Daichi& #65381;misono
2009/8/23(日) Osaka 長居陸上競技場13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:Amuro Namie・Otsuka Ai 81;Every Little Thing・GIRL NEXT DOOR・Koda Kumi・TRF・AAA・Do As Infinity・Suzuki Ami・V6・BoA・Miura Daichi・misono
2009/8/29(土) Aji no moto Stadium 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:Otsuka Ai・GIRL NEXT DOOR・Koda Kumi・Tamaki Hiroshi・DA PUMP・TRF・Tohoshinki・AAA・Do As Infinity・Hamasaki Ayumi・BoA・Miura Daichi・misono
2009/8/30(日) Aji no moto Stadium 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:Amuro Namie・EXILE・Every Little Thing・Koda Kumi・DA PUMP・Goto Maki・Tsuchiya Anna・TRF・Do As Infinity・Suzuki Ami・SPEED・Hamasaki Ayumi・V6・misono・観& #26376;ありさ
credits to jeniez@BoAjjang

[J-Rock/REVIEW] VAMPS’ Evanescent PV and CD covers — OUT!

Hyde & Kaz’s much anticipated PV of their  first rock ballad “Evanescent” has been shown in Space Shower. You can also watch it here: http://m.pktv.tv/u2/index/d/zklyn.com.

Plus, the covers have also been revealed:



–credits to Sephiroth_FF @ JPM

About the song, it’s better than their first 2 singles, and it has a Laruku feel to it. Somehow, I feel like listening to a tetsu composition.  And Hyde’s vocals are divine!  Loved it!!! ^_^  For me the song, as a whole, is good. It’s not that outstanding like, let’s say Shallow Sleep, but it’s still pretty good.  And I have this feeling, that I will eventually love it to the extreme if the mp3 is out.

And about the PV… ooooh, I love it. It felt like I was watching the PV of Laruku’s Hitomi no Jyuunin… You know, the broken pieces getting back together and everything…  Plus, I love the calmness on Hyde’s face, as opposed to his wild ones, from the first heavy rock songs. The setting also gave a refreshing feeling, which completed the song very well. All in all, I loved the PV! ^_^  *two thumbs up*  I hope for more songs and PVs like this from VAMPS in the future! ^_^