[America] BoA’s U.S. Radio Promotions Finally Kicking Off!; “I Did It For Love” MV — released!

BoA will be officially be starting her U.S. radio promotions!







This is the sked for her radio tour:

Her schedule:
April 15th – Long Island – WDRE 105.3FM
April 16th & 17th – New York – WHTZ Z100FM, WKTU 103.5FM, The N, Sirius Satellite Radio, NY1 (News Station)*
April 20th – Philadelphia – Q102FM, WRDW 96.5FM, Westwood One 1490AM
April 21st – Washington – Hot 99.5
April 22nd – Orlando
April 23rd – Miami
April 28th & 29th – Seattle – KBKS 106.1, KIIS FM Morning Show ‘Jackie and Bender’

At each radio station, she’ll be having an interview with the DJ’s and also have the chance to introduce her 2nd single “I Did It For Love” to all the listeners. This is a great startoff for BoA since she has just released her music video for “I Did It For Love”. If you haven’t watched the music video yet, what are you waiting for?!

News Update: boanjel (BoAjjang.com), suejinners (BoAjjang.com)
suejinners (BoAjjang.com), Uni (BoAjjang.com), RockWithMe192 (BoAjjang.com)
News/Image Source:
Newsen, boanjel (BoAjjang.com)


You can watch the full MV here, it’s awesome! Link: http://boaamerica.com/mv/idid_ver_full.swf

[Anime/Manga/Hollywood] Zac Efron: Not ‘Likely’ to Be in Full Metal Panic! Project

Actor Zac Efron (High School Musical, Hairspray, 17 Again) told MTV Splash Page that it is still “very early” to discuss Mandalay Pictures’ rights to adapt Shoji Gatoh’s Full Metal Panic! high school action comedy light novels into a live-action film. While he acknowledges he did have “a meeting on something” for the project, he noted that the project is “to the point where it’s more than likely not going to happen.” He did emphasize that he is “a huge comic book and manga fan” since he was 10 years old.

The Hollywood Reporter newspaper revealed Mandalay’s acquisition of the live-action film rights last week. The story centers around a brusque young sergeant named Sousuke Sagara who must protect an assertive high school girl named Chidori Kaname by masquerading (somewhat unsuccessfully) as a high school student himself. Shikidouji illustrated the original novels that Tokyopop published. ADV Manga released both the first manga adaptation from Retsu Tateo and Full Metal Panic: Overload! manga spinoff from Tomohiro Nagai in North America. ADV Films and Funimation have split the North American DVD releases of the three television anime series between the two of them.

Anime News Network

[K-Pop] TVXQ’s items are up for auction

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Yunho’s used towel! ❤

TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki’s used items from the hotel they stayed at in Nanjing, China for their “Mirotic” concert appeared for sale on the internet recently. After TVXQ checked out of their hotel in Nanjing, the staff charged a fee to let fans get a glimpse of the individual member’s rooms. The hotel staff then sold used items from TVXQ’s rooms to the highest bidding fans. It’s unclear whether the items up for sale on the internet are leftovers that are being sold by one of the hotel staff, or if they’re items that fans are reselling.

These items were listed with the others but they didn’t have pictures available so I’m speculating that they were already sold: Yunho’s used towel, Jaejoong’s unwashed fork (with visible food residue), and Yoochun’s unfinished bottle of Evian water.

credits: allkpop

[Manga] Kimi ni Todoke being adapted into an Anime and J-Drama

English Title: Reaching You

Mangaka: Shiina Karuho

Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, School life, Romance

 Almost no one in Kuronuma Sawako’s school know her real name. Instead, she’s known as “Sadako” because of her pitch black hair and pale skin. That’s why her classmates are afraid of her and she can’t make friends with them. She wants to be like her idol, Kazehaya-kun, who for her is a refreshing guy and friendly to all.


–taken from shikimic.wordpress.com

Hehe, sorry Eury-san, I got lazy so I just copied it from your site.  ^_^

This one of my favorite mangas… It’s your typical shoujo manga in which the guy is popular, while the girl is not, but somehow they end up getting close to each other. Hehe.  But what the heck, I enjoy it a lot 🙂

I’m soooo happy because there will be an anime version of this one this summer (in Japan). And what much surprised me is that it will also be adapted into a live-action drama!  And guess what? Kazehaya is going to played by YamaPi, while Sawako will be played by Aragaki Yui! >_<  Those are still tentative, though. However, thinking about it excites me. Hehe.  Can’t wait for further info about this.

I have to credit my forummates for informing me about these ^_^