[K-Pop] TVXQ’s 3rd LIVE TOUR MIROTIC in Nanjing: 20,000 Audiences Had a Standing Ovation

April 4 7:30 p.m at Olympic Stadium in Nanjing, China, the venue was fully filled by 20,000 audiences who were really excited to watch performances of one of the best group in Asia.

This is the first time for TVXQ to visit Nanjing, however even from the beginning, this first overseas tour to Nanjing came out hotter and hotter as the Nanjing fans were very welcome.

Performances of songs from TVXQ’s 4th album such as ‘Jumun-MIROTIC’, ‘Wrong Number’, ‘Crazy Love’, ‘Rising Sun’, ‘Purple Line’, ‘Hug’, and even the members’ individual stages got a big response from everyone filled the venue.

One of members of SHINee, Key also made his special appearance in Xiah Junsu’s solo ‘XIATIC’ stage.

TVXQ rocked the stage for 2 hours and 30 minutes and the Nanjing audiences were not dissapointing. They sang along with a surprising fluent Korean skill, made a unique cheering, enthusiastically supported TVXQ, and all over the venue was covered with red wave: LED screen, light stick, and the stage itself.

Being not too fluent in Chinese, TVXQ still tried to communicate with the audiences featuring their witty Chinese lines. Singing all around the venue without sounded breathlessly and being friendly all the time, the 20,000 audiences responded their hard work by having a standing ovation for 10 minutes at the end of the show.

Meanwhile, TVXQ’s Nanjing concert was completely sold out. Even before the concert started, organizers was suffering for there were so many fans who came up with counterfeit tickets thus the original amount of fans who came to the concert was more than the venue’s capacity which is 20,000 people.

source: Asian Economic | Newsen
translated by: sharingyoochun

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