[K-Pop] Younha comes back to Korea with a new song, album, and image! ^_^

South Korea musician Younha, also known as the “Oricon Comet”, will now return to Korea, after doing her activities in Japan.

For her comeback, she will release her third Korean album, which is entitled “Peace Love and Ice Cream.”  The title track for that song is “1,2,3”. There had been teasers for her new music video of that song, however, youtube removed itdue to copyright reasons.  Let’s just wait for the full MV.

With a brand new song and brand new album to present, Younha also changed her image from a rocker image to a loevely girl image.  I posted an article about that, a few days ago.

Catch also her first movie! ^_^

Here’s a download link for her new song “1,2,3.”  Leave at least a “thank you” comment every time you download anything from my site.  Domo ^_^

dlink: http://www.sendspace.com/file/iy62jq

[Mandopop] Jay Chou breaks Asian celebrity endorsement fee record

Jay Chou breaks Asian celebrity endorsement fee record
Yahoo News

The economy is dipping by the day, but artistes’endorsement fees are still soaring. Recently, Faye Wong was reported to have received about S$4million for her endorsement of a shampoo, breaking the Asian celebrity endorsement fee record. Less than a month after Wong set the record, Jay Chou broke it with $6million received for endorsing a motorbike.

The motor vehicle company said they have been discussing the endorsement deal for more than a year, but started working on it only recently.

“Jay Chou is very cautious about what he endorses and will only agree to it after fully understanding the brand,” the company’s spokesperson said.

Within the contracted period of endorsement, the company will invite Chou to design a series of motorbikes in conjunction with the conceptual elements of his songs.

The commercial will be shot in Beijing in mid-May. The company will also be sponsoring Chou’s China concerts.

[K-Pop] TVXQ’s 3rd LIVE TOUR MIROTIC in Nanjing: 20,000 Audiences Had a Standing Ovation

April 4 7:30 p.m at Olympic Stadium in Nanjing, China, the venue was fully filled by 20,000 audiences who were really excited to watch performances of one of the best group in Asia.

This is the first time for TVXQ to visit Nanjing, however even from the beginning, this first overseas tour to Nanjing came out hotter and hotter as the Nanjing fans were very welcome.

Performances of songs from TVXQ’s 4th album such as ‘Jumun-MIROTIC’, ‘Wrong Number’, ‘Crazy Love’, ‘Rising Sun’, ‘Purple Line’, ‘Hug’, and even the members’ individual stages got a big response from everyone filled the venue.

One of members of SHINee, Key also made his special appearance in Xiah Junsu’s solo ‘XIATIC’ stage.

TVXQ rocked the stage for 2 hours and 30 minutes and the Nanjing audiences were not dissapointing. They sang along with a surprising fluent Korean skill, made a unique cheering, enthusiastically supported TVXQ, and all over the venue was covered with red wave: LED screen, light stick, and the stage itself.

Being not too fluent in Chinese, TVXQ still tried to communicate with the audiences featuring their witty Chinese lines. Singing all around the venue without sounded breathlessly and being friendly all the time, the 20,000 audiences responded their hard work by having a standing ovation for 10 minutes at the end of the show.

Meanwhile, TVXQ’s Nanjing concert was completely sold out. Even before the concert started, organizers was suffering for there were so many fans who came up with counterfeit tickets thus the original amount of fans who came to the concert was more than the venue’s capacity which is 20,000 people.

source: Asian Economic | Newsen
translated by: sharingyoochun

[J-Pop] Jaejoong solo interview for Kindai May ’09

THSK released their 4th Album [The Secret Code] on the 25th of March. This time we’ll be interviewing their lead vocal – Jaejoong. We ask about what he’s doing recently, the album, and many other questions!

*Jaejoong reading [Kindai] diligently* Ah, it’s Uno-san!
–That’s right. Ah, right. You’ve performed with AAA at A-Nation, right?
JJ: Yeah, I really liked performing with them cause they were all so nice and funny. Ah, I know this person! Ah, I see this person often in dramas! *talking to himself while reading*

–So, Jaejoong. Let’s begin. Since this is another Jaejoong solo interview, I hope to see more of Jaejoong’s charisma.
*Interviewer gets ignored as Jaejoong continues reading*

–Jaejoong-san! Were you listening?
JJ: You said “Since this is another Jaejoong solo interview, I hope to see more of Jaejoong’s charisma.”, right? *laughs*

–Ah, so you heard me!
JJ: I heard you. THSK are always good at listening.

—[THSK] and not [Jaejoong]? *laughs*
JJ: Umm~ which one.. Perhaps both *laughs* Because Junsu often doesn’t hear things. *laughs* What are you going to ask today?

—Things like ‘Have you grown taller?’ *laughs*
JJ: Hahaha. That’s very detailed questionnaire *laughs* I grew. About 1cm since debut. Although I don’t think I can grow taller anymore. Oh, and I grew heavier about a month ago so I started training again and my muscles started getting bigger. But because Japanese staff and fans said they don’t like a muscular Jaejoong, so I stopped training so vigorously.

— They said they didn’t like a muscular Jaejoong? *laughs*
JJ: Yeah, they said they didn’t like it *laughs*

— Hahaha. You said you trained very hard.
JJ: Yeah, I thought I would look cool so I trained hard but they said they didn’t like it. That’s so cruel, right? *laughs* They said it was fine for Yunho and Changmin to have muscles since they look manly. In Korea, they say that a muscular Jaejoong is handsome, but in Japan, for some reason, they said that my muscles don’t match my face….

–Hahaha. I guess it’s a matter of perspective. *laughs* NO matter how you look at it, Jaejoong has a prince-like face so if you have muscles it’s a little… When you just came to Japan, your hair was as long as your shoulders, right? You looked more androgynous then and you were wearing a tank top. When I saw you I went ‘wow’, I can still remember that *laughs*
JJ: I see. So you don’t like it too *sigh* I trained so hard everyday so I could match the sexy, manly feel of [Mirotic] and [Survivor] but everyone was like ‘Eh~Jaejoong-san, I don’t like that’. Jaejoong is so pitiable. *laughs* So, I’ll change. I’ll try my best not to bulk up in Japan *Laughs* But, my character is really different in both Japan and Korea. In Japan, I’m the Jaejoong of many smiles, but in Korea, I’m the cool Jaejoong. I sort of have a cold image in Korea.

—Which Jaejoong is closer to the real Jaejoong?
JJ: The Jaejoong in Japan? Recently, the Jaejoong in Korea is moving closer to the Jaejoong in Japan. In Korea, before we debuted, they said I would suit a cool image since I’m standing in the center, and so I worked hard towards creating that image. When we came to Japan, I wanted to present a more natural Jaejoong so I’ve shown you my true self on camera.

–I see. So, recently, Jaejoong has slowly been changing too.
JJ: Yeah. In Korea, I’ve noticed comments like ‘Surprisingly, Jaejoong can be funny’. *laughs*

— I see. That’s nice
JJ: Yeah, I’m happy

— You’ve been busy since debut, and especially so recently, right? Do you rest?
JJ: I went on break during Lunar New Year. For 10 days. I spent it really leisurely. To the point that I didn’t know what to do.

—Haha. What did you go?
JJ: Firstly, I went home, met my friends and family and had a good rest, then I went to China with Junsu and Yoochun

— Wasn’t it hard for you since you got recognized?
JJ: Yeah, it was a little tough *laughs* but it was really fun! And after I returned, I went drinking with friends again. After that, no matter how hard I thought, I didn’t have anything to do so I passed the days by thinking of what I should do

— Haha. That’s funny *laughs* I guess all your fans will like this side of you.
JJ: I guess *laughs* So I just watched TV at home, went to the health club, ate dinner alone….Because I had nothing to do, I started writing songs..*laughs* It’s not normal for us to have rest days.

—And yet you always talk about how you want rest days
JJ: Yeah, that’s right *laughs*

—Bet you wanted to go shopping.
JJ: Yeah, but because there are many people…. I wanted to shop when I was in Japan but once we arrived in Japan, our schedule was so packed that I couldn’t go. That’s such a shame

—Jaejoong, you really like clothes right? Didn’t you say you didn’t like skinny jeans a while ago? But you’ve been wearing them often recently.
JJ: Yeah, I fell in love with skinny jeans recently! I like wearing boots over that. This style is really fashionable in Japan, and I thought it was pretty cool so I tried it. At that time, Korea hadn’t caught on to this style so at first, I received reactions like ‘What’s that? Jaejoong looks like a girl’. The fashions in Japan and Korea are different but that’s interesting. This is related to the differences in image that I mentioned earlier. In Korea, I prefer wearing suits and the like to make myself look more mature but because I want to look younger in Japan, I wear casual fashion!

— What’s this difference about? *laughs* What’s the matter? (T/N: Japanese gag. Dou i-ukoto? The usual answer is ‘Sou i-u koto’ but if you say it quickly it becomes shyoyukoto)
JJ: Shyoyu koto! (Soy Sauce) I really like this gag *looks happy*

— ….. Having Junsu tell Oyaji gags is enough. Ah, that’s right. Your age is different in Korea and Japan right?
JJ: Yeah, in Korea, I’m already 25! But in Japan, I’m still 23!

— Last time you wanted to be an adult. Now you want to look younger.
JJ: ‘Cause I’ve become an uncle *laughs*

— *laughs* Have you become addicted to any Japanese food recently? Previously it was natto, and you even brought natto back to Korea to eat, didn’t you? *laughs*
JJ: Umm~ What’s that? Do you have one?

—Me? I do. Hoshiimo (T/N: dried sweet potato) *laughs* Do you know what that is? Ah, didn’t I give you a packet when I came in just now? *laughs*
JJ: Ah! I know that! I like it! We don’t have it in Korea! Our manager buys it from time to time and I fell in love with it after one bite… I really like it! It’s soft and chewy!

—-And what are most interested in recently?
JJ: Internet! Internet! Internet gaming. I’ve finally gotten addicted *laughs* I actually like gaming but I know I’ll get addicted once I start so I’ve been controlling myself but I still got addicted. That’s the thing all 5 of us will start doing once we get together *laughs* Once the 5 of us get together, we’ll turn on our notebooks and start. *laughs* It becomes just like an internet café. Junsu’s the most addicted. Last time, Junsu even used 2 computers to play *laughs* But thanks to gaming, our recording sessions aren’t as boring as what they used to be.

—-Speaking of recording, your 4th album [The Secret Code] goes on sale on the 25th of March, right?
JJ: Yeah. It’s our 4th album already. This album is filled with THSK’s growth one year after our last album, [T]. You’ll experience many things from the time you’re born till now. And you’ll need a secret code to understand what that person has experienced. This album is a secret code to understanding THSK. It can also be used as a secret code.

— There’s a song Jaejoong wrote as well, right?
JJ: Yeah. It has [Wasurenaide] (T/N: Please don’t forget) from this year’s first single, a Triple A single [Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky/ Wasurenaide] and I also wrote [9095].

—It’s a song about a fantasy new world. I think it’s a really pretty song.
JJ: Thank you. I did the arrangement myself. H.U.B wrote the lyrics. I wanted to write a song with a global perspective that tied in with the album’s view. Although we have many dance tracks this time, because we have dance tracks with different feel, I think we have a good balance and I believe it’s a album with a wide variety.

— I see. Songs like [Taxi] are nice too.
JJ: Of course it’s good! It’s a sad love song and while singing it, I felt kind of depressed. All 5 of us love it; be it dance tracks or ballads, I want to quickly sing them live! I think this album will be really great live so it’d be great if everyone could listen to this album a lot and come to our concerts! Besides singing tracks from our album, we’ll sing old songs too so please come! I’ll be waiting for you!

source: DNBN
translated by: Sparkskey @ LiveJournal

[J-Rock] VAMPS first full-length self-titled album! ^_^

HYDE & KaZ will finally release their much anticipated first full-length self-titled studio album!  The album will have 13 tracks, which will also  include the songs from their first 2 singles, and upcoming single Evanescent.  First press limited edition comes with a DVD and a poster.  Release date is on June 10, 2009.


Source: VAMPS MySpace Page & CDJapan

Now, Evanescent should be good! I have high hopes for their next single, since Love Addict and IGKSN didn’t really excite me.  If Evanescent sucks, then I won’t buy the album >_<