[K-Pop] Younha back to girly image

It’s not really a new image — recall that kpop singer Younha had also unveiled a more feminine look for her second album last summer. And Younha (aka the “Oricon comet” given her success on Japan’s pop charts before debuting in Korea) has always been very pretty. But she’s gone a little softer than her usual tomboyish look for this “lovely girl” concept for her new album release.

Her third full-length album is titled “Peace Love & Ice Cream” (something I can get behind!) and goes on sale on April 16. From descriptors, we can expect more of the same (modern rock, ballads, and acoustic pop) from the pop-rock vocalist — which, in Younha’s case, is a very good thing.

Meanwhile, her Japanese movie Next Sunday, in which she takes on the role of a Korean woman studying in Japan, will be released on the 11th in Japan; she’ll head to Osaka for promotional events on the 11th and 12th.

source: dramabeans


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